Romney and Obama are busy with the bumps on the road

Romney & Obama are busy with the bumps on the road while the U.S. is no longer on a road; America is at the edge of a cliff.

It’s pretty pathetic to see how this country might be forced to choose between two cool looking candidates who focus on slogans and rhetoric rather than substance.

Romney released his first campaign ad several weeks ago which was based on Obama’s quote; “There are always going to be bumps on the road to recovery.” It played a dramatic scene of “I’m an American, not a bump in the road.” It’s brilliant and flashy, but after watching it, you don’t come away with a message or plan that Romney has for the future, nor what he’s done in the past. In two words: Empty Rhetoric.  In one word: Slogans. Almost like the three words of ’08: Hope and Change, or in his case, Believe in America.

This country is no longer speeding down a dangerous road; it has veered off course and is at the edge of a cliff with its front wheels hanging over the abyss.

Is this truly the level this country has reached after having committed this very mistake last election? With millions of people out of jobs and the economy looking so bleak; with so many countries undergoing government upheavals and the radicals gaining more and more control; do the citizens of the U.S.A. still place their confidence in appearance rather than experience and substance?

Even more astonishing is that many of the Republican Party which has always been the party of thinking voters, not the “what will you give me” attitude, but “what is your record” attitude, is falling for flashiness.

Will the upcoming election be a choice between neon and glitter?

Romney is not running on the issues because he doesn’t want the voters to know his history and true beliefs. His solutions to problems his state had faced were solved in leftist fashions and he has no intention or capability in shrinking the size of our federal government.

  • Ethanol:

Instead of Mitt Romney focusing on the issues such as the economy, he’s pandering to voters in typical liberal fashion, as seen in his support of ethanol subsidies in Iowa – a state he lost in ‘08.

We have enough oil & gas if the federal government will allow us to drill, so that we don’t have to resort to ethanol. So many farmers are planting corn instead of wheat or other crops in order to be eligible for subsidies from the government. It then results in higher food costs because of the lack of wheat. This is a perfect example of the government involving themselves in the private sector — farmers and what they plant — messing up the supply and demand capitalist system that has been in place previously with overwhelmingly negative results.

Only government officials with no clue how capitalism works have been able to create such a system. After all, if ethanol is truly such a great invention, then people will demand the ethanol just as they demand everything else, so why the need for government subsidies? I love how politicians attempt to force their will onto the people, and then say repeatedly how deeply they care for their constituents.

  • EPA:

The EPA has been exposed over the last few years as an agency with the intention to destroy thousands of private businesses all in the name of saving the environment. One has to fool themselves in to thinking that Romney, who has recently said that humans have a hand in global warming, will stop the EPA from passing new regulations. After all, someone that believes that global warming is a man-made disaster can’t shrink or abolish the EPA, because they’re saving the world. Can you see him veto a cap & trade bill?

  • Obamacare:

Romneycare claims he’s against Obamacare and would repeal it because it was done on a federal level, but defends his plan because it was enacted through the state government. He’s also compared his plan, which didn’t cut Medicare, to Obama’s which did. Of course he couldn’t cut Medicare – it wasn’t in his power to do so. And besides, is the cut of Medicare from the ten worst things Obama has done? The rest of Obamacare is all fine and dandy?

Romney has taken away the freedom from the citizens with his mandates on health insurance and has taken away the liberty of insurance companies to reject patients with preexisting conditions. Is this the guy we need to sit in the oval office? Imagine if the majority of the Governors would’ve enacted such a bill; the entire health care system in the United States would’ve been destroyed!

So he has no solutions to the economic issues that plague our country. What about moral issues, does he know where he stands?

He ran in Massachusetts as pro-choice aka pro-abortion and had a sudden change of mind when he launched his first presidential run and became pro-life. However, he refused to sign the Susan B. Anthony List pledge which asked candidates to pledge to appoint pro-life appointees to cabinet positions, end Planned Parenthood funding, and appoint judges who will rule solely based on the constiitution.

America’s problems are not the bumps in the road. America’s problems are politicians like you, Romney, and Obama are candidates who look good on camera and TV but are destructive for the freedom and democracy of this nation.

Abie Rubin blogs at TheThinkingVoter.blogspot.com and can be followed on twitter.