Bomb Shelled: Ziegler declares his film a fraud and has $100,000 up for grabs although he’s unemployed

In the DC this past Monday John Ziegler wrote
a second anti-Palin article
in which he said he had been mistaken in the
format of his previous article and that he should’ve divided the article into
his relationship with Palin as one article while leaving his argument she
shouldn’t run in another.

He explained he did it as one piece to attract as many readers as
possible and to prove to Palin supporters how much he cares about her and has
done for her. I guess he hasn’t noticed that he reached his goal in reaching
more people, but with different results. Those who still thought Ziegler is a
true Palin defender have now discovered the truth about him. Seriously, did he
really think that by ripping Palin he’ll convince her supporters to turn
against her?

How but as a fraudster can you describe a man like John
Ziegler who originally gave out a film whose entire basis was to prove how the
media targeted Palin and gave Obama a free pass to the White House, and is now
saying she hasn’t faced any serious opposition from the media yet? In his
article this week, Ziegler made a complete 180 degree turnabout claiming the
media hasn’t even begun to hammer Palin about her resignation and other topics.
What’s wrong with this guy? Was he in Mars the last three years?

In my  article
earlier this week
regarding Ziegler I brought an excerpt from a column he
wrote in January how the left and the media has already thrown everything on
Palin and how she emerged stronger than ever. That’s why she should run,
Ziegler wrote; because she’s the only one that could attempt to take on Obama
and the media. In this week’s article he wrote the media hasn’t begun their
attacks on Palin. This guy is lies with greater ease than Obama!

Which one is fraudulent – his film or his current article?

In his first article he lamented how his defense for Palin
has caused him to be “almost unemployable”, He’s also constantly running on
interviews and writing columns to promote himself and his videos, but suddenly
he has nothing better to do with $100,000 then bet it away? First he threw
300,000 down the drain to make a video at least now the money won’t go to

I think Keith Olbermann should open a new segment on his
show with the “Best Person of the World” and honor Ziegler with the first slot!

John Ziegler is an absolute disgrace and a delusional guy.
He’ll do anything necessary including contradicting his own movie on which he
spent $300,000 in order to be heard and spoken about. Yes, he’ll have many more
articles in the future loaded with additional stupidity as his past two
articles have been, but they won’t have any effect because he’s already been taken
to task
by many.

It’s time for Ziegler to find another profession.

Abie Rubin blogs at TheThinkingVoter.blogspot.com and can be followed on twitter.