After Two Ziegler Hit Pieces, Here's The John Ziegler I Know

John Ziegler posted an article on the Daily Caller this morning in which he boasted that no one had been able to disprove anything in his last week’s article, which proves that he’s correct with his predictions. I’ve decided to take Ziegler to task here about his previous article and will follow up with another piece on his current article.

It is well known that one of the disadvantages of the internet age is that most people no longer have the time or patience to do more than skim through a couple of lines and if an article has long paragraphs many will just skip right over it.

For those of you in that category, the following four italicized paragraphs outline the basics of the article.

The rest of my article is for those of you (and there are still quite a few) who want a deeper understanding of the issue and, of course, links and proofs to everything.

Last week Sunday John Ziegler published an article on the DC in which he wrote that Sarah Palin shouldn’t run in 2012, and claims he’s always said so. He explained that she’s the only one that definitely won’t win, and that a presidential run from Sarah will ruin the chances of the other candidates and can even cause us to lose the house!

I’ve gone through John Ziegler’s record and although he’s written the above at times, he also wrote that NO ONE can beat Obama in 2012. Additionally, he also wrote numerous times that she is the only one who can attempt to stand up against Obama since she is the only one that has already faced and emerged stronger from the bullets the media has thrown her way, while anyone else attempting to challenge Obama will still have to face the media’s scrutiny and false attacks. Suddenly she’s become the weakest of all candidates?

Ziegler also stressed in the DC article this week that ever since she quit her Governorship and especially since she has become a Fox News contributor, he publicly stated she ruined any chance she had to beat Obama in ’12. However he’s written several articles after the above facts in which he wrote that she’s the only one with a chance to challenge Obama and that she WOULD AND SHOULD RUN! In fact, he even wrote that the worst case scenario of a Palin run in 2012 is a Goldwater loss in which conservative values have been explained to the public and then led to a Republican in the white house 5 out of the 6 next terms.

I don’t believe in predictions and predictors at all, but even if I would, Ziegler has proven to be totally off base in the past as I’ll prove with two articles he wrote after Scott Brown’s victory in which he claimed it to be totally unrelated to Obamacare and 2010.

Now for the rest of you:

When I first spotted John Ziegler’s article Sunday night on the Daily Caller I immediately sat down and read his four page article, because I always like to see everything from the original source. Most of you have probably read it already, and for those of you who haven’t, here’s the link.

John Ziegler portrayed himself as a true, and at times the only, Palin supporter who has always and still has Palin’s best interest in mind. He presents himself as someone who knows what’s best for Palin, to a greater degree than Palin herself. After all, he spent 300,000 dollars of his money to make a video in which he proved the media’s bias against her and their waiver for Obama, and he’d done quite a few scientific polls. He doesn’t mention though that he had hoped to sell enough of his documentations to regain his initial investment plus more through sales, though his hopes didn’t materialize and he ended up losing money on it.

Ziegler’s focus is on Palin’s electability and he brings several “proofs” to support his view such as her quitting, her coming under relentless attacks from the media and her high disapproval numbers. He “admits” that it’s not necessarily Palin’s fault but feels that she’s unelectable nevertheless. If she does run, he warns, not only will she lose but she’ll drag down with her the entire conservative movement and even cause us to lose the house.

How much sense does it make, that the most articulate and outspoken conservative will cause conservatives to lose, especially when the nation is so sick and tired of Obama’s hope and change? His approval ratings are almost as bad as Palin and he never stopped running since 2007!

John Ziegler’s current article did not come as a total shock to me because I saw something amiss in his article last week on the DC in which he wrote about “The Undefeated.” He applauded the new movie but claimed he can’t possibly see it accomplishing anything for Palin on the political scene. What caught my eye was the following sentence in the beginning of the article when he was still full of praise.

In fact, I had suggested a similar concept to the Palins back in late 2009.

Oh yeah? Then why did he suggest a similar concept less than two years ago if you’re so skeptical now? Additionally, who said it won’t be heavily advertised? Steven K. Bannon invested lots of money in this project and has tons of experience in this field, and those that have already gotten to see it have doubled over backwards in awe over the magnificent job he’s done. I feel bad for Ziegler that his terrific documentary hasn’t received more attention; however the timing of the current movie is perfect, the buzz surrounding it is deafening, and it is therefore promising to attract tons of viewers.

Ziegler wrote on 4/25/11 in the DC in regard to the E! Network documentary on Palin in which he participated but had barely received any attention because Trump had taken center stage at that time;

…should Palin decide to run for president (I still think it is 60/40 that she will), this show targets the exact demographic with whom she will need to get a second chance in order to have a legitimate shot at beating President Obama: women who are not news junkies.

So Ziegler believed two years ago as well as less than two months ago that with a compelling widely viewed documentary on Palin, many with unfavorable opinions or no opinion on her will recognize the truth about Sarah and support her. However, less than two months later, he made he made a complete about face.

Perhaps Ziegler has reason to be upset with Palin’s advisors (perhaps not) – but why should his anger cause the Republican Party to suddenly believe that a Palin candidacy in 2012 will cause damage?

In his article last week he wrote;

Let’s face it, Palin made a great decision for her and her family, but one that disqualifies her from running for president, at least in 2012. Obama has the ultimate trump card against her: when things got tough you quit …

The worst part about the resignation from a political narrative perspective is that it also stripped away Palin’s greatest strength. She is clearly a fighter but it is impossible to make “She will fight for you” the cornerstone of a campaign when she just quit her only big job, seemingly for personal gain.

There are three issues with the above. Firstly, Ziegler has written many times that while she shouldn’t run in ’12 she should run in ’16. If she is that damaging, how does four years change that? Has there ever been a candidate with less experience than Obama?

Secondly, she’s been fighting the last three years in order to promote conservative values and expose the Obama administration, no matter how heavily the media has attacked her. In response to Ziegler’s fear of Obama’s trump card, Obama quit his senate seat for definite reasons of personal gain and oh what a disaster his presidency has been. His policies are dragging us deeper and deeper into debt and he’s weakened America’s image worldwide. Who comes across as altruistic and who as egoistic?

Before I continue with all the links which prove how Ziegler has lied repeatedly and is only attempting to promote himself even though he pretends to be doing it all for the good of Palin and the people, I’d like to refute his main claim of the electability/unelectability issue with a story; one that’s actually pretty well known but perhaps forgotten or not seen in the proper light:

In 2007 about this time of the year, many Republicans have announced or were about to announce a run for the presidential office. All polls, strategists, analysts and predictors had Giuliani pretty high up, followed by Romney, Huckabee, and finally McCain. McCain appeared to have absolutely zero chances to win the primary in ’08 especially after he lost Iowa. In fact, at a particular low point during the primary, his fundraising was so weak and his staff so shrunken, he expected to step out and give it up. Less than a year later the candidate who had to travel alone from state to state and drag his own suitcase and bags, received his party’s nomination.

Moral of the story: There is no point attempting to predict what will happen because changes occur and often in the blink of an eye.

It is something that can’t be stressed often enough since it is the most common repeated worry from many on the right, and Ziegler also played on it in his DC article last week:

First of all, almost everyone has already made up their mind about Palin and she has well over a 50 percent disapproval rating with no office/position where she can do/achieve anything to significantly change the narrative about her. About the only opportunity she would have to get a second look is to do high-profile interviews with liberal media types and, against my counsel, she has indicated she has no intention of doing that.

Many of you might nodding your heads along with Ziegler worrying and wondering; how will Palin get her message out to clarify for all those that have been misled about her in the past and will continue to buy all the lies the media spreads about her? There are actually quite a few solutions besides for Ziegler’s and all of them are easily doable.

In response to Ziegler’s “how can she achieve anything,” Palin has shaken up national policy time and again without any official position. Through Facebook she continuously challenges Obama such as with “death panels” and sets the tone for national debate. She also helped many candidates in the midterm elections with her endorsement, which sent tremendous amount of small money donations flying across the internet to their campaigns.

“The Undefeatable” is already scheduled to be shown in several strategic areas and will probably end up having millions upon millions of viewers in the next couple of months. With enough advertisement and viewers, it will completely change the perception people have picked up from the mainstream media, thus raising her approval rating, as her TLC show and “One Nation” bus tour have done.

Additionally, Palin has over three million friends on facebook and that number is constantly increasing. If and when Palin will ask them to go out and educate anyone and everyone they come in contact with, that number will double and triple in no time. That is how Obama got elected. Never give up hope and “Never say Never.”

These are but some examples of Palin reaching voters without having to kneel to the media. No other candidate has the ability to do it the way she does, and it’s a very important tool, because come the general election whoever wins the Republican nomination will be chopped to bits and pieces by the mainstream media as McCain “the moderate” had been in ‘08.

Therefore, when deciding whether to support a specific candidate or where to cast one’s vote, we should focus on principles and values rather than on electability. After all, it is impossible for anyone to know the outcome of an election or the outcome of any event or even what will occur in a single minute from now, so why wouldn’t you support someone with whom you agree on the issues just aren’t sure can win? How many more times must the expected fail to happen and the unexpected happen for people to learn and internalize this truth?

Ask Anthony Weiner if he would’ve dreamt his whole world turning upside down and that he’d be handing in his resignation this week. Who would’ve predicted Weiner’s disgrace a month ago? How many politicians have risen with the right slogan or fallen with one misspoken word? So too here, nobody, including John Ziegler who defended Palin and had gone on so many interviews to spread the truth about her, can know what will be. Even Palin can’t foresee if a campaign will be successful. John, I respect the work you’ve done for Sarah and agree that you, as everybody else, are entitled to form your own opinion. But,

A- don’t lie

B- we don’t have to accept it your opinion even though you’ve met her and interviewed her because many others have spoken and interviewed her and disagree with you

C- your opinions have been proven wrong in the past as is shown later in the article.

Here are some excerpts of Ziegler’s past articles with dates and relevant info in which Ziegler contradicts his current arguments repeatedly in regard to Palin. (During my search I’ve discovered many more contradictory statements that aren’t necessarily tied to Palin so I decided to skip those because this would lengthen an already lengthy article!) Bolded words and color changes are mine.

The first one is from an article he wrote on 11/17/09 reviewing Palin’s book “Going Rogue,” which Palin published several months after she resigned as Governor.

Of course, what everyone really wants to know is whether she is going to run for president in 2012. I have stated my personal opinion to her personally as well as to the Today Show audience: that I believe she would be best to wait until 2016 to run for President (assuming she even has any desire to do so), mostly because I still maintain that Obama is a heavy favorite for reelection.

Before I read this book I was pretty much convinced that Palin would not run for President in 2012 and that she was accepting of the possibility that she will never run for political office again. I now believe that it is very possible that she will run in 2012. This is not because I have read the tea leaves and discovered a hidden message (which, for the record, I did before her resignation), but rather because I believe that if this book is the success that it could and should be, there will be a groundswell among the Republican base demanding that she run. I strongly believe that if every Republican primary voter reads this book, Sarah Palin will win the 2012 nomination in a landslide, whether she wants it or not.

Even if nothing like that ever transpires, I am excited by what I read from Sarah Palin. I had come to believe that all the criticism she and her family have endured had left her a bit “punch drunk” and that her special essence as a political figure had been permanently contaminated, at least to some small extent. Thankfully, I was wrong. The real Sarah Palin is alive and well, and now you have the chance to finally find out who she is and understand why millions of her fans are so devoted to her, even when she is just a private citizen who cares deeply about her country.

So Ziegler believed that once the primary voters were educated about Palin she’ll win with a landslide, even though she quit from being governor which, according to Ziegler, is her greatest obstacle to overcome. As we now know, her book was only the first successful tool she used to increase her positive image. She reached her first million on facebook because of “Going Rogue” and she now has over three million and still growing. She has continued reaching out to many different audiences via her facebook posts, her TLC show, and her “One Nation” bus tour amongst others, though none with the help of John Ziegler. If Ziegler’s concern is only about the general election, why – Ziegler himself in the following excerpt clearly explains how Palin is the only candidate who can dare stand up against Obama!

It is also of importance to note that he’s excited about her book because it proves that “the real Sarah Palin is alive and well,” since he later contradicts that. Additionally, Ziegler is confident that once she gets her message across voters will be so inspired by her, she will win by a landslide.

Read this excerpt written by Ziegler on January 18, 2011, which was several days after the media blamed Palin for the Tucson shooting and about a year after she became a commentator on Fox News.

As dangerous, counterproductive, and pointless as it can be to try and predict whether Sarah Palin will run for president in 2012, I found myself changing my mind last night about what she likely will, and should, do regarding the largest political decision one can make.

I had to stop and comment on his choice of words — Dangerous? Only if you are putting your own career on line and are betting your life’s savings, although Ziegler officially claims to have only Palin’s best interest in mind when discussing what she should do.

This leads me to my second change of heart. Ever since I witnessed her 2008 convention speech in person, I have had admiration for Sarah Palin, but I had also (almost out of a desire to not see her and her family unnecessarily harassed) come to the conclusion that it was not a good idea for her to run for president in 2012. I figured that, thanks largely to the same media who has targeted her for over two years, Obama was unlikely to lose to anyone and that blowing her one chance to run wouldn’t be good for her or her cause. But now I not only think she will run, but I really hope she does.

I still believe barring a disaster Obama will be reelected, but I now see nothing to lose and lots to gain by a Palin candidacy. She is the only candidate who has the ultimate freedom of having already faced her political death head on. As Winston Churchill famously said, “There is nothing more exhilarating than being shot without result,” and while thankfully Palin only knows this truth metaphorically, all that she has endured gives her incredible independence. Everyone else will inevitably melt (like even grizzled veteran John McCain did) when they get close to the blast furnace that will be going up against the Obama juggernaut. Far more than anyone else in conservative history, Palin has been forced to prove just how fireproof her convictions are and how deep her resolve is.

Quite simply, no one else in the potential Republican field will be as trustworthy to conservatives on the issues, and less likely to back down, than Sarah Palin. She has shown beyond any doubt that she can literally handle anything that the pressure of running for president could possibly present.

Would she win? Probably not, but there is no Republican who would be close to being favored today against Obama. Instead, a Palin candidacy would guarantee, by far, the best chance to have true conservative principles articulated in a fearless fashion on the grandest of stages, which hasn’t really happened (with apologies to Ronald Reagan) since 1964.

While that losing Barry Goldwater campaign is not one which is likely to be emulated politically anytime soon, with Palin such an outcome (a spirited, non-politically correct defense of conservatism followed by likely temporary defeat) is the absolutely worst case scenario. Considering that such a campaign ended up directly leading to Republican victories in five of the next six presidential elections, such a potentiality is one that should be embraced by conservatives and not feared.

Remember that this comes way after her having quit for Governor and several months after she has become a contributor for Fox, both two reasons he cites now have ruined her chances. Additionally, because of the unbelievable attacks on Palin, her approval rating had been at the very lowest point. Despite all of the above, Ziegler was convinced Palin can handle anything and should run for president.

It seems to me that as long as Ziegler felt necessary and played an important role in the defense of Sarah Palin, thinking of her as this poor woman attacked by a pack of dogs, he did his role to the tee. Once Palin emerged on her own, or skipped his advice, and used her own techniques and tools to defend herself such as her facebook page, Ziegler got mad at her each time, as seen in his article last week in regard to Letterman. Is she supposed to let every one of her defenders such as Rush, Hannity, Malkin, etc. know before she releases any statement? What a ridiculous complaint!

Before I discuss this piece, read the following reply Ziegler uses on his new blog to defend himself from the critic he knew he’d receive after his DC piece last Sunday:

I am contradicting my past writings about Palin and a possible campaign. I can understand how people may conclude this because it would require a very detailed look at what I have said and the exact timing of those statements in order to fully realize that this allegation is completely false. For instance, when I wrote for Mediaite that I had “changed my mind about a Palin presidential run” (a headline I did not write) a close reading of that column indicates that I had come to the belief that she WOULD RUN, not that she would win.

The Mediaite column he’s referring to is the one I just brought excerpts from and which he now conveniently chooses to omit that he not only wrote she WOULD run, but that she SHOULD run. He explains that if anyone can beat Obama it’ll be Palin because she is the most trustworthy on the issues, least likely to back down, and “can literally handle anything that the pressure of running for president could possibly present.”

What event affected Palin negatively since January 2011 that has caused him to make a complete turnaround? The “One Nation” bus tour and the announcement of “The Undefeatable” have occurred since then, both of which brought tons of additional support to Palin as seen in her rising poll numbers, (and had no relation to Ziegler much to his disappointment.) This is still before the general public has seen anything more than several short sneak preview of the new movie.

I’ve got some additional issues with Ziegler’s article from last week such as here where he refers to March of 2010 (excerpt below) which is about half a year after her book tour and shortly after she became a Fox News contributor:

Soon after that, she went on The Tonight Show, just blocks from where I was living. I was scheduled to be on Morning Joe on MSNBC very early the next morning. I asked the Palin team if I could simply attend the afternoon taping so that I could be prepared to defend her appearance without having to stay up very late before getting up absurdly early. Laughably, they actually told me that they had no ability to get any tickets to the very public and free taping.

On almost no sleep I did that show anyway and said that while she is clearly brilliant, that there was no way she could beat Obama in 2012, partially because of the choices she had recently made (resignation, Fox News instead of an over-the-air network, getting in bed with corrupt elements of the Tea Party, etc.).

Oh my!

That’s the only thought I was capable of having after reading the above. So this guy was so annoyed at his loss of sleep and so outraged that he hadn’t gotten tickets to The Tonight Show (whether or not they really couldn’t get one for him) that he went the very next morning on MSNBC and disparaged her on everything he can think of such as being in bed with corrupt elements etc. One would have to be an utter fool to want any contact with such a person in the future. Who needs such a teenage moody guy near oneself? If you fill his desires, he sings your praises. If you dare insult him, intentionally or otherwise, he’ll snub you in public. This is, by the way, exactly what he’s doing right now but on the largest scale ever.

In his interview on Morning Joe that morning he also said the following about Palin:

“The Sarah Palin of 2008 doesn’t exist anymore”


“This is Sarah Palin 2.0 She had very limited options about what she was going to do with her future because she was unfairly destroyed, as my documentary proves, in the 2008 election…Since January of this year when she decided to become a Fox commentator, I believe she has gone down a path that makes it absolutely positively impossible in 2012 to beat Barack Obama.”

A quick point to ponder; the media’s latest Palin bashing after her emails have been released and no scandals were found, is that she had been a terrific governor but has changed into the partisan and media hating Palin she is now. Credit must be given where credit is due. Thank you John Ziegler for inventing this nonsense and for giving the media another illogical argument to use against Palin.

Additionally, remember that in the first excerpt Ziegler wrote that Palin’s book “Going Rogue” proved that “the real Sarah Palin is alive and well” while here he claims she was destroyed in 2008. Which one is it? Whichever fits your narrative better at the moment?

Here’s another question I have for Ziegler in light of the excerpts above: What occurred between these excerpts from March 2010 in which he disparaged Palin on MSNBC, and January 2011 where he wrote positively about her and enumerated the many strengths a Palin candidacy would have, except for the Tucson shooting? She remained the same Tea Partier who’d written two books, resigned from her governorship, and contributed to Fox!

This crappiness of Ziegler on MSNBC after she’s done such a hell of a job on Jay Leno the night before once again reiterates my previous observation how Ziegler is only there to defend Palin when he perceives her as the helpless victim of the media with no one else ready to defend her. If you follow his actions closely, it’s pretty obvious how every time she doesn’t appear dependent on him or doesn’t respond to “her savior” immediately, he sulks. There are many more examples such as his constant whining in the DC article last Sunday every time she didn’t respond to his emails etc., with the strongest proof being his attack on her this week which is in reaction to the documentary he’s got no part in as proven above.

How else can you explain his irrational behavior of praising Palin suddenly after the Tucson shooting even though she remained the same person who had left her governorship and has become a Fox News contributor – the two things he always has greatest issue with? This also explains why he’s rooting for Pawlenty out of all the other candidates since he’s clearly the new underdog. One has got to be utterly naïve to believe that Ziegler is truly convinced Palin is the one ruining Pawlenty’s chances and at the same time believe that Pawlenty has a better chance in defeating Obama than Palin. Just rereading my last sentence shows the ridiculousness in Ziegler’s latest attention-seeking article.

In his DC article last Sunday, Ziegler also wrote the following:

Quite simply, the evidence is overwhelming that Palin would get crushed by Obama in such a resounding fashion that it may even threaten the Republican hold on the House and the party’s presumed taking of the Senate.

What evidence? Palin played a major role in the success the Conservatives and Tea Party members had in the 2010 election in which the Republicans picked up 63 in the House of Representatives. Her endorsement for Sean Duffy from WI-7, Ann Marie Buerkle from NY-25, and Allen West from FL-22 amongst many other candidates has been credited for creating the momentum that helped them win in Democratic strongholds. And in 2012 she will be the cause for the loss of seats?

Ziegler seems to have a personal grudge against Palin which he hides at times pretty successfully, but is seen in his attempt to use every and any excuse he can possibly create to discredit her from running. Although he claims he no longer wanted her to run when she resigned from governorship, in his article last Sunday he wrote that he told Palin directly in their meeting in Alaska when she was still governor that;

“You have to know, you can’t beat Obama in 2012. The media won’t let you. They won’t let him lose and the narrative about you is too negative to correct in three-and-a-half years.”

Once she quit, that became his official song for a while and he kept on changing the tune to keep up with the times. He jumped from the electability issue, to claiming it’s in the best of her interest to wait until 2016. He then felt that she had too much on her plate, until he landed with her harming the party by destroying the other campaigns. (If no one can beat Obama, who’s chancing is she ruining? And if they can’t beat her how can the beat Obama PLUS the media?) This guy should get an A+ for his creative imagination!!

By the way, don’t most of these sound eerily familiar as the talking points of the liberals? Which one takes it from the other? Here, Ziegler worried that she’s too busy with her kids to run for president. How nice of you Mr. Ziegler to involve her children!

If you think you’ve heard it all then look below at this one! It truly blows the top! Ziegler wrote the following in March ‘10 a week after Palin was on Jay Leno’s show and he was still blowing over his non-invitation and having to get up early the next day to be on Joe Scarborough’s show.

Some will say that the first hurdle is winning the nomination and that, should the economy continue in deep recession, that anyone at the top of the Republican ticket would beat Obama. Therefore, Palin is right to worry about appealing to the “base” first and then deal with independents and Obama later.

My answer to that would be that under the “economic doom” scenario, Palin might very be the only mainstream Republican Obama could beat. Think of it this way, if things are truly that desperate in 2012, is America really going to dump a guy who at least has four years of Presidential experience for a person who has none, who “quit” her job as Governor of a small state, and who they have been told over and over is not very bright?

You see the problem with coming up with a scenario where Palin could be Obama in 2012 is that the worse things get for him, the less likely that the country would be to take a chance on her.

How much sense does that make to you? How many people consider Obama’s last couple of years as massive experience? What one thing has he done right? The student protests in Iran? Libya? Egypt? Insulting our friends in England and Israel? Jobs? Economy? Energy policies? Wanting to try KSM in Manhattan? Naming a police officer “stupid” before knowing the details? I’ll let you fill in the rest of his impressive resume.

On the other hand, reading Palin’s facebook posts provides clear concise answers to countless issues facing us regarding energy independence, foreign policy, healthcare, and every other topic. This is besides all her past experience.

For those of you not familiar with Ziegler and afraid that with all his scientific polling he’s better informed than anyone else in regard to election outcomes, the following are two more excerpts which Ziegler wrote, one after Scott Brown’s astonishing victory in MA in the special election of Kennedy’s senate seat, and the other in regard to Frank Bailey’s anti-Palin book; with which I rest my case.

In an article titled Brown’s win not necessarily a harbinger of GOP comeback, Zeigler wrote several reasons why Brown won and I copied those relevant to my point:

Fourth, Brown is not just a good candidate, he is so ideal that there is no way his win can possibly be duplicated around the country. Unless of course Republicans have a sable full of experienced, properly accented, locally educated, hunky male candidates with perfect names who drive trucks and whose wives are local newscasters but who are portly enough where their husband’s good looks don’t turn off females voters (the John Edwards effect) and whose daughters are American Idol contestants who star on local college basketball teams. Good luck with that Michael Steele. Sarah Palin is clearly very fertile but even she couldn’t possibly populate a master race of populist Republican candidates fast enough to fill the need.

Sixth, the Haitian earthquake took almost all of Martha Coakley’s natural allies in the news media away from Massachusetts at exactly the time she needed them to descend on Boston to dig up some dirt on Brown. Does anyone really believe that if the quake hadn’t hit that the national media wouldn’t have unleashed Palin-like hell on Brown once they realized he was a legitimate threat? When is a Republican ever going to get a “pass” like that again?

It seems like Ziegler didn’t follow the news in regard to Brown. What sort of pass did Brown get? Olbermann’s favorite topic was blasting Brown with ridiculous untruths such as him having raped women, being a racist for driving a pick-up truck, and being a birther. The left always has enough reporters and attack dogs when wanting to destroy Republicans, as seen then and at every occasion. Ziegler also claimed his victory was unrelated to Obamacare and would have no effect in 2010, something he’s been proven wrong big time!                                                                                                                                         <![endif]–>

In another article written on 5/31, he wrote that Frank Bailey’s new anti-Palin book has caused his vision of Palin to become blurry and become unsure of who she really is, further causing him to need to reflect and refocus because Bailey’s book explains with proofs of emails between him and Palin some of the stories Ziegler’s been directly involved. And what’s his new view? His attack piece last Sunday! So,

A- Ziegler is back to himself and his own feelings, although he mainly pretends to be acting out of the goodness of his heart.

B- Most of Palin’s emails have been released to the public and the media hasn’t found anything derogatory against Palin. Why hasn’t Ziegler specified details?

C- Ziegler chooses to believe someone who released private emails from his former employer whom Ziegler officially supports.

D- Ziegler chooses to believe this guy who’s involved in two unethical charges rather than other Palin supporters who’ve explained he’s taken her words out of context and twisted stuff around. For example, Bailey used an email Palin wrote in regard to rumors about her daughter’s pregnancy before she actually knew about it, as her reaction towards her daughter herself, and not rumors.

An aside, after having read every article available online I was able to find that John Ziegler wrote about Palin, it is simply mind boggling to see how self-centered and self-thinking the guy is. Just reading his thoughts will convince all of you who this guy really is, and how every second line is promoting one of his videos or is filled with I and I!

To sum it up, depending on his mood swings and whatever is convenient at the moment, Ziegler uses different “reasons” why Palin shouldn’t run, although his true reason is his opposition to Palin. This is the John Ziegler, after many hours of research on his articles that I know.

Abie Rubin blogs at TheThinkingVoter.blogspot.com and can be followed on twitter.