A review on the LSM’s review on Palin’s emails; Governor Palin’s great governing record doesn’t matter just like Obama’s awful record doesn’t matter

The unprecedented action of forcing a former governor to release over 24,000 emails has been making headlines the last few days, not the fact that it’s an unheard of act, but in regard to the actual emails. While the left and LSM have asked the public to help go through the emails in the hope to discover “the scandal” to finally put an end to Palin, the very same media ignored the lack of records Obama hasn’t released such as his state senate records, never mind his college records and were actually outraged at the demand for the release of his birth certificate.

A couple of days after all these emails have hit the internet, the media’s effort to smear Palin has bounced right back into the face of the leftists’. If anyone emerged stronger and more credible than before, it is definitely Palin. It only proved to all the media’s bias against her and Palin’s honesty and straightforwardness.

The release of these emails follows nearly three thousand emails that had been released about half a year ago from Todd’s email address and his correspondence with government officials including the former Governor. In it, the left discovered that Palin actually discussed issues with her husband and asked his advice on many topics. What a weird sounding thing to do for someone on the left. Talk to your spouse? Have him advise you? Normal husband and wife relationships are so far removed from leftist reporters’ world, that they can’t fathom an honest couple that treat each other with respect and attention and have never cheated each other.

Especially since this came after the left and Levi Johnson worked their hardest to spin that Sarah and Todd Palin don’t get along that well and there’s lots of tension between the two. When her emails showed a wife who values her husband’s opinion and asks his advice on many issues, the media pounces upon the fact that she involves her husband in her work and claims it therefore proves she couldn’t make her own decisions as governor. As though she’s the very first person in politics to have an adviser.

The left then waited with a bated breath for the release of the additional thousands of Sarah’s emails which have been released last weekend because they were convinced that they were loaded with statements contradictory to those she’s made in the public, and she’ll be exposed once and for all as the fake she isn’t. After all, that’s what the left does all the time. Saying one thing in public and another in private is what they consider as the norm. Anyone remembers journolist? What a shock it was to discover that Palin has actually been saying the truth all along about everything she was questioned in public including about the troopergate issue. It was simply too much to swallow. First a true solid marriage and now an honest one-faced politician and still a female to boot? What can they do to such a creature – to them more frightening than an alien from outer space?

Aha! Molly Ball from politico and some others from the left finally figured it out! Molly wrote a piece titled Long-lost Sarah Palin surfaces in emails in which one can almost think she didn’t hate Palin with every ounce of blood flowing through her veins. Her theory is as follows; the former successful governor truly was an outstanding individual. (After all, at this point nothing can be dredged up to fight that fact.) However, that person is something of the past. The Sarah Palin gleaned from the emails is something they’d love to have now, but alas, Sarah Palin has become an entirely different person. She’s become too distanced from the media, she no longer trusts anybody, is very defensive, and has gotten too much self-confidence.

Didn’t it possibly dawn on them the following? Perhaps the change has occurred with them and not her? Of course she’d never in the past defended herself of a blood libel; she’s never been accused of murder! Nor had she or anyone else faced a media who stripped any pretenses of neutrality and reporter only, openly waging a war with her. It began with an army of reporters sent to overturn every stone in Alaska when she was chosen as McCain’s VP, and hasn’t ended.

Indeed she has changed. She went from reaching the stars without any name recognition and confidence, to aiming for even greater heights with loads of supporters’ support and self-confidence. She’s gone from facing opposition on a state level from the right, the left, and the media, to facing greater challenges on a national level from both parties in addition to facing the open hate of the media all over the world who are contesting each other over who can create the crazier claims about her.

I can’t give Ball the full credit for her brainy article without mentioning Joshua Green from The Atlantic who first wrote The Tragedy of Sarah Palin in which he laments how Palin was the greatest Governor and has ruined all her chances because of her alignment with the right. If only she would’ve played the maverick in ’08 the media would’ve loved and swooned over her instead of Obama. C’mon. Does he really think we’re that stupid?

It’s interesting to note how the media has completely skipped over Obama’s record when he ran for the highest office of this nation. Not a word was mentioned in regard to his friends like Bill Ayer in whose house he launched his campaign. Nor was there any attention given to his pastor, Jeremiah Wrights, in whose church he sat for twenty years and went to have his kids baptized. Ditto, for Obama’s joining a group of Palestinians for a dinner in Chicago and praising radical Rashid Khalidi who’s a former PLO operative. The LA Times actually has the video of the event for over 3 years, there’s no need to go searching anywhere. However, since the talk is of Obama, the LSM actually tried hiding the entire story from the public and even after it leaked and many have demanded to have the video released, the LA Times refused to show it. And we’re supposed to believe reporters are reporting news and not inventing or twisting news.

I must mention that at times the media has also looked the other way in regard to Palin’s record. Palin’s outstanding record as Mayor and Governor and fighting the establishment has yet to make appearance on most major news outlets. In fact, her policies led to the tremendous surplus Alaska now enjoys, and if not for her the state would be in debt. Nor has there been any praise for her putting aside politics and often working with the opposing party in order to ensure economic success for her state. On the other hand, Trig’s supposedly having been given birth by Bristol or Tina Fey’s “I can see Russia from my house” have been splashed across every newspaper and every website. I guess since records are off the table the LSM had to resort to fibs.

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