George Will, did the former Governor of Alaska ever deploy the National Guard against Hawaii?

Shortly after Obama’s historical victory as the very first African American President of the United States, George Will invited Obama to his home for dinner together with a group of so-called conservative journalists including Charles Krauthammer, William Kristol, David Brooks, and other elitist Republicans. Will thereafter gushed over thenew bi-partisan president-elect whose demeanor was so calm, cool, confident, and collected, with a constant smile on his face.

Over two years later, Will’s excitement over Obama is understood with a deeper nuance. A cool and fun guy like Obama is what’s necessary to be deemed in Will’s eyes as definitely trustworthy, and can be given the control over our nukes without any second thought. On the other hand, stupid ignorant Palin can never be trusted with the nukes no matter what. No amount of executive experience whether in the private or public sector will raise her value in the eyes of the likes of Will.

On ABC’s This Week, Will asked if anyone feels they can trust Palin with the control of our nukes. I’ll be quite frank and respond to his supposed-to-be rhetorical question; Yes, I would trust her in a heartbeat, and definitely more than Ahmadinejad. George Will, why have you never been heard asking the very same question in regard to Ahmadinejad? Why have you not created a storm over Obama’s friendly overtures to that unstable radical dictator at a time when he’s in the midst of amassing nukes? Do you trust him even one teeny tiny bit when he claims to want nuclear for energy?

I personally believe it’s a stupid argument to make, and would never play it against Obama or any Democrat candidate. George, I don’t remember the governor of Alaska sending the National Guard to wage war with Hawaii or anything similarly radical, so what exactly do you think she’ll do with our nukes?

In the same interview, George Will has become a bit of a mind reader; Will said that no one will change their opinion about Palin. If so, why should a candidate like Pawlenty run, if he only has 5% of the party’s vote and none of Palin’s fans will change their opinion to support Pawlenty? Palin has 18% of the Republican base rallied behind her, so according to your claim there’s no way Pawlenty can win without some of Palin’s supporters switching sides or him chipping off from another one of your “plausible candidates” like Mitt Romney.

George, you are wrong and you’ve been wrong countless times in the past as Mark Levin has pointed out in regard to the 1979 election. Reagan was attempting his second run for president, and you had then endorsed in the primary first Howard Baker and  then George H. W. Bush. Only one week before the general election were you capable of making the difficult decision to support Reagan over Carter, which shows how in touch you are with the conservative movement. I guess you didn’t trust Reagan with the nukes either, although he’s the president that’s given credit for the collapse of the Soviet Union and the ending of the Cold War.

Now too you are wrong. True, we still have a couple of months to see who will receive the party’s nomination and you can still jump from one candidate to the next, however, you are wrong in your argument against Palin. Voters do change their mind even when the talk is of a well-known individual, especially when there has been so much misinformation put out about the individual.  And in regard to your nuke comment, that’s attempting to play it in true liberal style, trying to toy with people’s fears and emotions. The Republican Party, however, is an educated group and doesn’t fall for such nonsense.

Will has been attacking Palin the last two years and announced her as unfit for president and incapable of winning neither the general election nor the primary. I understand he’s trying to save face and defend his previous claims that she can’t win  by continuing to attack her, however it’s time for the beltways like Will to accept the fact that no matter how much they besmirch her, and possibly precisely because of it, her support in the Republican party has only increased. You won’t stop her, neither from running nor from winning.

Abie Rubin blogs at TheThinkingVoter.blogspot.com and can be followed on twitter.