The Philanthropist, Barack Obama

Since more than half of Obama’s first term as president of the U.S.A. is already behind him, it’s time to step back and take a peek at what he’s done with our tax money. We currently have a debt of over 14.36 trillion U.S. dollars, which is an increase of over three trillion in less than three years since he’s been in office. The national debt had been at 10.6 trillion dollars the day Obama took office. Obama keeps on blaming the debt as inherited, but he added in a half a term more than half of what Bush added in 8 years! In Obama’s first 57 days, over 400 billion dollars debt was added!

Obama seems to have a generous streak in his personality, and has given and promised support for many.  There hasn’t been enough focus on his giving nature, perhaps because of his humility, so I decided to compile a list focusing on his generosity.

  • Union Brotherhood and Acorn

Right at the start of his presidency Obama overturned a policy which forbade airport screeners from organizing. That’s a future 63,000 new union members as thanks to the unions for the sixty million dollars they’ve spent to get Obama into office. Here’s a link with to two videos where Obama speaks to the SEIU and tells them that their agenda is his agenda, and that he wants to paint the nation purple. Additionally, Acorn was given federal grants and stimulus money for their humanitarian efforts in bringing as many dead people as possible back to life in the voting booths.

  • Bailouts for the car companies:

The Republicans were outraged at the 85 billion dollars Obama gave to car companies without requiring them to make any serious reforms such as cutting worker pension plans etc.  Now, after 2 years, Obama has declared the bailout a success because they actually returned a few billion of the 85 billion dollars they had received!!  To understand how this can be considered a true success, your name has to be Barack Obama. How and when will they repay the rest? That doesn’t matter. Union Brotherhood is draining them from any profit they could hope of, while all the environmental regulations squeeze the breath out of them.  Not to worry, the government will promote their cars by giving each individual purchasing the Volt, a car on batteries, a 10,000 dollar subsidy! That actually happens to be another example of the philanthropy of Obama, and this time he’s not even singling out who qualifies-race wise, income wise, party wise…  as long as they are an environmentalist.

  • Drilling for Oil in foreign Countries

Brazil is on the receiving end from the Obama administration for billions of dollars to explore offshore drilling. At the same time, the Obama administration is forbidding companies to drill in the United States even with their own money! Never mind taxpayers’ money!

  • Islamic Fundamentalists:

The U.S. at the G8 conference together with the other nations  have  pledged 40 billion dollars for Arab Spring occurring in the Middle East and North Africa to stabilize Egypt and Tunisia, and help fight for rights in Libya, Syria, Yemen and other nations in the region. Additionally Obama has given for Egypt, which is under partial control of the Muslim Brotherhood 2 billion dollars, by waiving a previous 1 billion dollar loan and promising an additional billion dollars!  All this is despite the fact that all this money can very possibly fall into our enemies hands. In fact, it has been reported recently that there are currently over 400 Al Qaeda terrorists in Sinai.

Never mind the fact that we have to borrow this money from China in order to fulfill his generous gesture.

  • Illegal Immigrants:

Free health care, an amazing deed, indeed. All the citizens struggling to pay their own insurance policies are positively thrilled to have their tax money and future tax money to pay interests for borrowed money that then goes to illegals that don’t even pay taxes. These illegals kids get free education thrown into the package, also from taxpayer money, crowding up the classrooms thereby creating a disadvantage to the Americans’ kids. And if we’re giving already, we might as well give them housing, food stamps and any other program available to Americans in the lower earning bracket. Forty seven million Americans are currently on food stamps and Gingrich dares call Obama the food stamps president?

Obama said in El Paso that Republicans would never be satisfied with what he’ll do about border control, even if he puts a moat with alligators, as though he’s done even a single thing to make our borders safer. Obama has also told Latinos before the 2010 midterms to be aware and punish our enemies and reward our friends. Indeed, Obama has given so much to them, but perhaps at the expense of the citizens’ in whose interest he’s supposed to be focused? After all, whoever you’ll ask we’ll respond he wants them to sneak across the border, everyone besides for those evil Republicans. Sure. All those looking for job, which amounts to over 10% of this country; they all want another 20 million illegals to undercut them.

  • Worldwide Contraception:

Obama signed an executive order, overturning Bush’s previous order, to fund abortion groups worldwide. Nancy Pelosi, the former House Speaker, explained why it’s part of the stimulus, in that less people will equal fewer dependents on programs. Additionally, fewer people will equal less pollution to pollute the environment. When Stephanopoulos asked her whether she regrets her statement, she responded; No apologies.

We could go on and on about Obama’s greatness and philanthropy, which is something he’s not given credit often enough. Whether for illegals, acorn, or supporting drilling in foreign countries Obama’s generosity surprisingly isn’t in sync with the will of the American people, especially in such tough economic times. Obama’s philanthropy comes at the expense of the over 300 million citizens who have entrusted him with the presidency and with making the right choices where are country’s taxes shall be spent. Not only the over 300 million citizens, but their grandchildren and grandchildren’ grandchildren will be paying off all the debt this country has accumulated in the spirit of his generosity.

Abie Rubin blogs at TheThinkingVoter.blogspot.com and can be followed on twitter.