The Question is not whether it is a “Gangster Government,” Rather Whose?

The mainstream media erupted in anger over the choice of words of an outspoken Republican representative, Michele Bachmann in naming this administration a “gangster government.”  The media launched into their typical, “how dare you attach such a false and slanderous name to this administration?” tirade.

Their ruckus is nearly identical to the storm that exploded at the naming of Obamacare.  In case any of you need your memory refreshed, Obamacare is a bill that’s over 2,500 pages that not a single senator or American had a chance to read, but Obama proclaimed that he knew exactly what was within that monstrous creation.  Well, if Obama wanted the country to support the bill only because of his knowledge of its contents, then it rightly deserves to be named after him!  Who else should the bill have been named after if not for “The Anointed One,” the only one with complete understanding of its contents?  If the crowds would react positively to the bill, the left would give Obama full credit for being the mastermind and composer of the bill.  Alas, the people united in their opposition against the bill, so the leftist media had to distance Obama from the unpopular parts of the bill. No matter what you call the health care bill; history will have put the responsibility squarely on Obama’s shoulder.

In a similar vein, while the left is all riled up at the calling the current administration “gangster government,” they’re questioning is wrong.  After all, what other name is this administration worthy of?  They took control of GM, the banks, and a whole lot of other industries and then use these institutions to promote their own agenda.  Suddenly, one year before elections Government Motors announced that they will be hiring more workers thus creating additional jobs.  What a coincidence!

In typical gangster style, the NLRB which was appointed by Obama is blocking Boeing from using the factory they built in South Carolina because it’s a “right to work” state.  Don’t you even dare suggest involving Obama’s name in this one for isn’t that the reason why he’s appointed these guys to their jobs?

The federal government’s budget is paid by its citizens through taxes, which the government is supposed to use to keep this country safe.  Over time, the federal government has become lax about some of their duties such as keeping our southern border closed, until the states had no choice but to enforce what the feds are supposed to take care of.  Arizona passed a law to fight the endless illegal immigrants streaming into their state and wreaking havoc to their citizens and economy.  Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General, sued Arizona, claiming their law to be unconstitutional even though he hadn’t even read their bill.  Eric, how about focusing on implementing the federal laws and leaving the states alone?  Stop using our tax money to fight against us.

This is not the first time Holder has acted against the safety of this country.  Shortly after being appointed as AG, Holder threatened the CIA who works tirelessly to protect the U.S., to try them for using enhanced interrogation methods on stubborn terrorists.  He likewise insisted on a civilian trial for KSM contrary to the pleas of the 9/11 victims’ families, amongst many others, who rightfully insisted he deserves a military trial and not a circus.  Eric actually wanted it to take place in Manhattan which would’ve put the city once more in the cross-hairs of terrorists still at loose.  Debra Burlingame, a sister of one of the pilots from the hijacked planes, met with Obama when he came to New York after Osama Bin Laden’s death.  She told Obama that as an attorney she knows Obama can’t tell Eric Holder what to do, but can he please tell Holder his opinion on Holder’s attempt to pursue criminal charges against CIA investigators, Obama just said “No I won’t” and walked away.  Since when is Obama shy to speak his mind?  It’s obviously an attempt of his part to keep the blame off him while having his errand boys do the dirty work for him.

What a shocker it was to see none other than President Obama himself ganging up against the little guys.  He did try to do the following first through congress, and I guess none of his czars could claim the authority for this one, so now Obama’s getting ready to sign an executive order that will force any contractor or business currently dealing with the government or seeking to do so in the future, whether to bid for a project or to supply the government with any merchandise, to release in an online document a listing of the political contributions the company and its senior employees have made in the last two years.  This includes contributions to a third party group that uses the money for “independent expenditures or electioneering communications.”  Oh sure, and we’re supposed to believe this order is being written to promote transparency and not, as Forbes Magazine dared naming it, Nixonian.  Does he really think we’re so stupid to believe that bids won’t be given to those that donated to his candidacy and party rather than to those that supported “the enemy”?

Additionally, this president has appointed over thirty czars who report directly and only to him.  These czars then issue regulations that Obama couldn’t get congress to pass, thereby creating a totalitarian government without the need to remove congress.

To sum it up, the health care bill is not Obamacare and Eric Holder’s actions have absolutely nothing with Obama either.  Neither does the EPA or his numerous czars, although he’s constantly in closed-door meetings with them.  The question conservatives therefore have to ask is who, if not Obama, is out of control?

Abie Rubin is a blogger at TheThinkingVoter.blogspot.com and can be reached at [email protected]