My astonishment over the Palin aide story

I greatly opposed Obama’s green czar Van Jones, firstly because he wanted to socialize the country through radical environmental policies which he was given the power to implement in his position as a czar. Secondly, he should’ve never been appointed as a member of the Obama administration because he supported and signed a petition calling for nationwide resistance against cops.  The two above reasons qualified Van Jones to be vilified on the front page from every newspaper across the country demanding his resignation, although most news agencies failed reporting it altogether and those that did, did so only after the right has created such a storm.

I was therefore astonished that the Rebecca Mansour story is considered headline worthy all over even though she doesn’t have a position in the Palin administration, because there is no Palin administration yet. I disagree with her tweets about Erick Erickson since he rightfully stood on stage with NIkki Haley. Erick had been rallying for Haley way before Palin endorsed her. Mansour’s actions are, however, understandable. Simply put, anyone familiar with campaigns and ready to be blunt and honest can admit at the comments and in their own diaries, that a campaign manager’s job is to make their boss appear in the best light possible. Mansour wrongly knocked Erickson in an attempt to put Palin in the spotlight and she also said some really nasty stuff in her tweets, but why does that cause this to be headlines all over? She sent it from her private account without Palin’s knowledge or approval. Is anyone really that naive thinking that other candidates’ campaign staffers don’t say similar stuff when having a bad day?  Why is this so newsworthy and how does this disqualify Palin from being president?

Every politician’s staffer has his moments when he loses his or her cool and does while trying to defend the image of their  boss’s campaign. What I want to question, and was actually considering headlining this diary, is, let’s see the private tweets from all the other candidates campaign managers. Do you truly believe they are one bit better? Some of this stuff is over a year old! The person she tweeted to held onto it until the start of the campaign in an attempt to bring down Palin.

A couple of months ago when an anonymous Romney aide told the Times Magazine that Palin doesn’t qualify as a human being, the news exploded all over. But that wasn’t something the aide said in private to one person that then got released to the world. He went to a magazine with the intention of defaming Palin.

Why is it that Palin had to release thousands of emails that she sent to her husband, an unprecedented demand from any politician or candidate? Why is it that the slightest wrongdoing from anyone with the remotest contact or association to her, is automatically counted as a personal blemish? Never in history has a candidate come under scrutiny to the degree Palin has. Perhaps this is because of her fearlessness in fighting the establishment and her steadfastness to her values no matter what it involves? It seems to me that the left is trying to destroy and divide the Conservative movement by targeting its spokespeople and causing rife amongst one another. Let us not allow those trying to crush us claim victory in this battle.