How Would You Grade Obama’s Team’s Performance after Osama’s Death?

The Hollywood party has once again put up a whole show after the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

The white house administration released a picture of Obama and his team watching the raid, a sight that we the little people are too fragile to have it released for us, only to admit afterwards that the screen went blank for over half an hour! They then pulled back their admittance and announced that the screen never went blank. Their behavior reminds me of a little kid with his hands behind his back taunting his friends about the great gift he received and how no one but him may see it or use it. (My sincerest apologies to any liberals who don’t think Osama’s dead body is a gift to the 9/11 victims’ families.) They then pretended to act surprised at the American people who were and still are enraged with their actions and demand to see for themselves the images of the mass murderer with a hole through his head.

To heighten and dramatize the event even further and to have everyone focus their attention on his awesomeness, Obama emphasized on those forty minutes and how they were the most stressful minutes of his entire life. Perhaps the constant complaints how Obama never showed his true emotions and always acted in a detached manner such as when discussing unemployment and rising gas prices, finally made their way through his advisors’ skulls. They must’ve figured having a commander in chief quaking in his pants while sitting in his office and watching a group of SEAL’s risk their lives to defeat Osama, would perfect his image.

His helpless national security team played the next act in the show by stressing how no one knew how to handle the situation besides for the gutsy Obama. Who appointed such helpless and indecisive people to head our national security if they can’t even decide whether or not to shoot Osama? Mr. Gutsy himself! Perhaps he should have them fired for leaving all that sweating for him! What a worthless team they seem to be!

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