Why TED CRUZ Should Be the Next Senator from Texas

For years, we have suffered with the RINO, Kay Bailey Hutchison and now she’s retiring and we are looking at candidates for her replacement.  There are really only two candidates in this race that are polling high enough to be contenders.  One is Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, the establishment GOP candidate, who is a career politician, and  Texas Solicitor General, Ted Cruz.  Over this campaign cycle, which has been quite prolonged due to our delayed primary, Ted Cruz has run an honest and truly grassroots campaign based on honor and integrity because that is the kind of man he is.  He has been respectful of and responsive to the people of Texas.   As the months have worn on, Cruz has inched his way up in the polls, traveled the state many times over and shaken hands with thousands and thousands of voters.  He has won the hearts and minds of the Conservatives throughout the state with his down-to-earth approach, his common sense solutions and his fiery spirit.  He has appeared at Tea Party  rallies, Republican Party and Republican Women’s groups and gatherings and participated in countless forums and debates with the other candidates.  Dewhurst has done none of this.  He hobnobs with the bluebloods at the high dollar fundraisers and, if memory serves, he has appeared at exactly two Senatorial forums. Dewhurst,  has operated entirely on the assumption that he can win because he’s got tons of money and high name recognition.

Now, with the polls close, early voting almost over and the primary coming up on Tuesday, Dewhurst is running scared and engaging in desperate tactics to try to fool the voters.  Over the past month he has run attack ads against Cruz which have been viscous and filled with outright lies.  The Dewhurst campaign should get an award for their accomplishments in the politics of personal destruction.  Today, however, the crowning blow:  the Dewhurst campaign has played the race card!  In their latest ad, they accuse Ted Cruz of being pro-amnesty and pro-illegal immigration.  This is patently and unequivocally false!  Ted is not in favor of amnesty, but believes we should enforce our laws, have tougher border security and that immigrants should enter the country just the way his father did:  legally.  Dewhurst is perpetuating that typical democrat lie that all people of Hispanic origin are in favor of amnesty for illegal immigrants!  Can one stoop any lower?  I don’t think so.

I hope that if you are a voter in Texas, you will take a hard look at the candidates for Senate.  Cruz in supremely qualified and has the heart of a courageous crusader ready to take on Washington DC.  As former Texas Solicitor General, Cruz has defended Texas and the Nation in matters of freedom of religion, oppressive EPA regulations and UN interference in American courts.  He IS the right man for the job.  We must rid ourselves of the “go along to get along” RINO Repubs that currently hold, or seek to hold high office.  They do us as individuals or “we the people” no favors and perpetuate the status quo.  America cannot tolerate more of the same, nor should a man of dishonor get elected because he’s got the most cash.  Please join me, along with Erick Erickson, Sarah Palin, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Jim DeMint, Sean Hannity, and many other great Conservatives in supporting Ted.  If you can’t vote in Texas but can throw a couple of bucks his way to help defend against the lies, visit his website:  http://www.tedcruz.org/home/  Help Texas send a true freedom fighter to the U.S. Senate!