Why The Grassroots Need to Overtake the GOP

It has long been my contention that if we are to return to some sort of sanity in our government, it would be up to those of us on the ground to do so. There is plenty of talk on the web and elsewhere about 3rd parties and going Independent etc., but the reality is that, in order to retake control of the House in 2010, we must utilize the structure and the money of the GOP. However, it is high time that we do what the progressives did to the Democrat party in the early 2000’s. We, the grassroots, must TAKE OVER the GOP, and get rid of the bought and paid for politicians who are willing to sell their soul just to get along, get a favorable media report or to not be controversial. These folks only harm us and have long forgotten the oath of office that they took lo those many (or not so many) years ago. They serve no purpose except as a placeholder. And while we have seen some improvement in recent votes, we must remember that many of the same politicians have voted against the people time and again. So, with this in mind, we either force these incumbents to get on the same page with the folks, or we find leadership that will.

The 2010 elections are critical to the future direction of our nation. These elections are perhaps the last best chance we the people will have to preserve our Republic as it was intended to be. Each of us must be willing to step up and step out to engage in the process of re-shaping the GOP to a party which actually represents the people. If we don’t, we will again be defeated, not by the left, but by conservatives who feel they are not being heard and choose to vote with a 3rd party. There are so many who already feel that way and they must be won over by a GOP that “gets it”, not the current elitist mentality that “assumes” all conservatives will vote for any old candidate with an R because we need to win.

Erick Erickson (Redstate.com) said the following for an interview with the Politico: “For some, supporting insurgent campaigns or waging primary bids just isn’t a strong enough signal to send to a Republican Party that has abandoned core conservative policies.” He has urged Tea Party activists to “put down the protest signs” and stage takeovers of local Republican parties. “Grassroots activists need to start infiltrating the party,” said Erickson. “The only way to start getting [the establishment] back is to start pounding them with every fist we have.”* I agree. We start locally by getting involved at the precinct level and forcing change. We get the 9-12 groups, the Libertarian groups, the independents and the Tea Party folks on board by implementing the change which is essential to recognizing that the PEOPLE must come first. We must, absolutely must, move past party politics. This ain’t your daddy’s run of the mill election, this is choosing freedom or tyranny. This is protecting our future (and that of our children) from the oppression that will surely follow the passage of Health care reform, cap and trade, hate crimes legislation, stimulus after stimulus, take over of private industry, salary caps, communists in the White House, etc., etc, etc.

It is prime time right NOW people. As Mr. Erickson so aptly put it, it absolutely is time to put down the protest signs and SIGN UP with the local and state Republican party and return it to the people. If you reject this notion because you have been disappointed with the GOP and are disgusted with them, then you become part of the problem. We cannot afford to lose in 2010, and we can win if the hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of regular folks push the Republicans to return to it’s conservative platform and run candidates who are willing to stand up for the Constitution and who are not afraid of the mainstream media. This is the time that we have, and the opportunity we can take to exercise our strength and fortitude with a vehicle that gives us the tools we need to win. However, should that opportunity be squandered by those who refuse to look rationally at what is ahead of us, we the grassroots, will defeat ourselves and hand the country over to those who wish to forever change our Union.

* <a href=”http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1009/28157.html”>Tea partiers turn on GOP leadership – Alex Isenstadt – POLITICO.com</a>