Fuzzy Math: Colleges Count Tenured Faculty as "Jobs Saved"

Colleges across the country received funds as part of Obama’s $787-billion stimulus. Now that it’s time to tally up the score, college administrators must report the number of jobs “created” or “saved.”

In the University of California system at least, they’re including “everyone paid by stimulus dollars, including tenured faculty members.” Tenured faculty members, you’ll remember have jobs for life. For life.

But the problem, as the Financial Times reports, is this (emphasis my own):

As a result, many universities including UCLA decided simply to count up everyone who is paid through a stimulus grant, in accordance with the formula. Others have excluded tenured academics from their data, after taking legal advice, amid what they say was a lack of clarity from the government on how to deal with the issue.

“We’ve asked [the administration] several times. They never really gave us a direct answer,” said Tony DeCrappeo, president of the Council on Governmental Relations, an association of research universities.

Fuzzy math in college and government work. Who is really surprised?

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