Two-Faced Liberals Can’t Make Up Their Mind

In the view of a liberal: Everyone is entitled to free money, the trendy cause du jour is all the rage, and borrowing is the same thing as earning! All we have to do is increase taxes and everything will be fine. Welcome to the wacky world of Liberal idealism!

Unless, of course, the details are spelled out. In that case, these new taxes are hard to swallow, even for Californian progressives. It’s called having your cake, and eating it to.

Liberals love to espouse their righteous attitudes about how everyone’s money should be spent. When they are confronted with the specifics though, it’s hard for them to back up the big talk. The recent Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) poll revealed how Californian voters claim they would support the tax increases proposed by Governor Jerry Brown, but cuts would be out of the question. This money doesn’t come out of thin air, and even with a raise in taxes, a lot of the entitlement services are driving the state off a massive cliff.

Of the Californians who were polled

  • ~66% support Gov. Brown’s special election on his proposed deficit reduction plan


  • 73% oppose reductions in K-12 schools
  • 64% oppose decreases in higher education
  • 61% oppose cuts in health and welfare

And yet…

  • 64% oppose the continuation of increased tax rates

These numbers are a little confusing; that’s because they are. Progressives aren’t exactly known for thinking things through. So as an exercise to see where the population of the state stands, I’ll try to make a quick summary:

Gov. Brown is the best! Don’t touch welfare! Raise taxes, but just a little bit.

I think anyone with half a brain could have predicted that would be the case, as it has been for California for decades. This is the same liberal policy that got us into the mess in the first place, and there needs to be a conservative movement that is prepared to stop it. If the special election does come to pass, taxes will be raised and they will never go down. Temporary taxes is a misnomer. As soon as the crooked politicians get a whiff of that cash, they will promise it to pork and special interests and we will flying off that metaphoric cliff faster than you can say,“meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

The liberals don’t understand what deficit reduction means. The state is paying for too many social programs and is already taxing people out the ears. This ubiquitous timidity is only going to prolong the status quo, which has proven to be an invalid strategy. The state needs to get strategy that works:

Cut taxes. All of them. Individuals and businesses need to keep more of their money so they can spend more of their money and create more jobs. It’s a simple concept.

Cut spending. If people have to live within their means, they will. Of course some of the cuts will hurt at first, it’s like taking the training wheels off of a bike. There will be some minor struggle, but in the end we will be able to fly. Streamlined like a new haircut.

In years past, the “Let them eat cake” mentality worked, but only because business was booming and jobs were plentiful. This is no longer the case. California is faced with a dire fiscal reality, and no amount of social engineering can fix it. It’s time to sink or swim Californians: we’re in the deep-end and the government can only take us down.