Why Conservatives Should Want Anthony Wiener to Remain in Office

Representative Anthony Wiener is a pervert, liar, and a cheater. He sent sexually graphic images of his genitals to women across the country as his wife and family sat staring serenely from pictures framed in the background. These actions were not only boneheaded, but narcissistic to the extreme. He has proven himself to be an untrustworthy public official who uses partisan insults for sexual arousal (see: released texts between Wiener and the Blackjack dealer).

He was the shinning beacon of hope for the Democratic party; a liberal with a spine who was not afraid to yell (now ironically) “Shame!” on the floor of congress. He could have been Mayor of the largest city in the United States.

Now he is a pathetic excuse of a man. A certified cheat. A loser. A schmuck.

As a conservative, I say make him stay.

Make him wander the halls of the capitol with his head hung low, staring at his shoes to avoid the knowing smirks of his colleagues. Force him to explain his proposals and votes, in front of the same TV cameras that he spewed those blatant lies. Let us see how righteous his diatribes are during sessions of congress, when he used to stand with such aplomb, circumstance, and indignation. See how the seed of self-doubt has been sown, how his words no longer have meaning, and his stance on issues only serves to damage the credibility of his bill and his party. Allow him to be ostracized by the Clinton’s, for whom his wife is a close aid, as there is no advancement in the Democratic party without their ceremonial blessing.

Don’t give him the dignity to slither out of the spotlight, back into his posh apartment with the comforts of his favorite entertainment outlet: the Internet. Don’t forgive and forget the shame he has brought on the office of state representatives. Don’t allow the investigations, like whether he used government funds to propagate these affairs, or talked to underage girls using the guise of a trusted elected official, to wither. Don’t let the Democrats forget that their “morality” lies on shifting sands. That even the best of them, the ones that draw clear lines and scream how right they are, can have rows of skeletons piled in a dark closet, crypt, or image upload website.

I say let him stay for another year. The walking dead. The perpetual joke. The man who had it all until lust, and greed, forced a fall.