The, Not So Subtle, Racism of the Left

Last Friday, I read an article by Charles M. Blow of the NYT, apparently a self loathing racist, in which he lays out his observations of the Dallas Tea Party. In this article you will find the usual leftist cries and hues of a lack of diversity in the Tea Party movement.

This isn’t really a big deal for me at this point, as it has come to be expected. What did stick out, like a grain of pepper in a bowl of milk, was this comment:

Thursday night I saw a political minstrel show devised for the entertainment of those on the rim of obliviousness and for those engaged in the subterfuge of intolerance.

To understand the absolutely heinous nature of this comment, first we must know who he was talking about and what a “minstrel show” actually is.

Let’s start with the who after the jump.

The Dallas Tea Party put out a video earlier this year challenging Keith Olbermann on his assertions that the movement is just a bunch of racist white people unable to accept that a black man was elected President. You may even remember the video…

Looks like a healthy dose of diversity from what I saw.

In fact, Charles points out in his article that Alfonzo “Zo” Rachel was one of many speakers who were, indeed, not white.

Now what?

Well, like any good racialist hack, Charles found a way to push the ever important narrative of a lack of diversity within the movement despite all facts being against him.

You see, “Zo” just isn’t authentically black like Charles. How could he be, afterall, he is against social justice, for individual liberty and responsibility, and -this one truly seals the deal- he’s a Republican.

To combat this narrative smashing diversity that Charles witnessed, Charles employed one of the most nefarious, and most repeated, charges leveled against those who dare to step off of the ideological plantation that is the Democratic Party. “Zo” is nothing but an “Uncle Tom”.

Granted, Charles did not use those words, but his message was abundantly clear when he called the Tea Party a “minstrel show”. Minstrel shows originally consisted of whites donning blackface and acting on the stage for the enjoyment of other whites.

I can only conclude that Charles M. Blow is either ignorant of this fact, or knew full well that he was calling into question the authenticity of Zo’s blackness. I lean heavily towards the latter.

This line of despicable thinking is indicative of how the Democratic party thinks about diversity; and racial diversity is just one instance of the misuse of the word diversity.

Indeed, we see this faux diversity in just about everything the left attempts to do. Whether it be a “one size fits all” Health Insurance market, where many vendors are forced to offer the same product; or, denying parents the option of school choice in D.C., instead forcing them to accept the “one size fits all” public education system.

To Democrats, diversity is limited only to those who believe in their monolithic ideology. If you do not subscribe to their ideology you are either a racist or a racist enabler.

Simple as that.

Charles M. Blow should be ashamed of himself for inciting racial divisions based purely on ideology. Unfortunately, I don’t believe self loathing racists are capable of shame.

Aaron B. Gardner

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