The "I can't think of a witty title for this" Open Thread

So, I was doing some late evening reading and came across Dan Riehl’s post on this week’s cable ratings. Dan’s focus is primarily Sarah Palin’s premiere, but that’s not my focus tonight.

No, instead, I bring you sheer boosterism of Dear Leader Erickson. Shameless, I know.

But I *do* have a point … John King USA sucks without Erick.*

John King, USA was way down Thursday night, with just 81,000 viewers in the demo and 482,000 total viewers. That was the lowest total viewers rating from 6pmET-MidnightET.

Erick wasn’t on Thursday night. Close enough to causation for me.

G’night all.

Aaron B. Gardner

* Sorry for the edit, that sentence just wasn’t flowing for me.