Andrew Breitbart, Max Blumenthal, Tommy Christopher and Daryle Jenkins walk into a bar...

This last weekend at CPAC, as many of you have no doubt heard, there was a verbal smackdown extraordinaire put on by Andrew Breitbart. This smackdown was administered to not one, not two, but three left wing media hacks.

Max Blumenthal, as Erick put it here, is a lying hack. I really have nothing to add to what Erick or Breitbart had to say on Max.

For Tommy, let’s just say he is fun to have a beer with … and laugh and laugh and laugh at.

Now on to the real villain of our story today. Daryle Lamont Jenkins. You see, Andrew wasn’t the only one who got into it with Jenkins. During the Breitbart smackdown, I was standing directly behind Jenkins. You can see me in the videos, I am the guy in the orange sweater and blue hat.

Anyhow, after the smackdown Jenkins didn’t leave the venue. He had gone off to the side of the pavilion and was now talking to a friend of mine. I politely walked over and eventually engaged. Before we go to the tape, a little background.

First, I had no idea who this Jenkins guy was beyond being a lefty blogger. My intent in engaging him was for him to admit that he was there for the purpose of calling Breitbart a racist. Little did I know that this is what this guy does. Jenkins has been running a smear shop under the guise of being some sort of adjudicator of what is and is not racist. He has an entire “Rogue’s Gallery” of those he has branded racists. In Philly, Jenkins even implied that Joey Vento was some sort of racist for wanting to make english mandatory in his own business [h/t skye820].

You can see the despicable techniques used by One People’s Project to gather “content” for their “Rogue’s Gallery” as documented on Flopping Aces, again, by Skye.

Here is one part that definitely stuck out…

Current and past personal data including date and place of birth, home and business addresses and phone numbers, Social Security numbers, automobile plate numbers, names and birth dates of spouse(s), children and friends. Again, certain information, such as Social Security numbers, while extremely helpful, will not be published.

Criminal records, including driving record, mug shots, and fingerprint card.

Civil suit record, including informative depositions and divorce file (if any).

Any upcoming court appearances.

I thought about emphasizing the important parts in that, but then realized it would lose the intended effect.

Now, on to the tape!

Notice when he asked why Breitbart wasn’t calling him out? Yeah, I bet he wishes he hadn’t since Andrew was more than happy to have someone oblige.

Oops. Appears James was on the African American’s side the whole time.

You would think this would be enough to put this to rest, but wait there’s more.

After posting my video I ended up getting a few troll friends of Jenkins to comment and even email me on Youtube. Below is the conversation between me and a user named bolgernow, who is apparently some sort of Actor from Chicago. Well, not a real actor, just a Soap Opera actor. But I digress.

Hello Aaron…
I understand your views, & your point. Totally…

The issue here is Breitbart’s actions are the proof. He saw the troubling racial past of a kid, & was IMPRESSED. So impressed, he hired him, & paid him $ to do that kind of work for him. Not good, but certainly doesn’t make someone a racist, free country right?

Now, when that past is exposed, Andrew attacks the reporter, Max Blumenthal yelling at him getting his face screaming insults at him for simply writing these accepted facts. He screams “Lies!” when it’s all true. He then intentionally distorts & lies about James attendance at the Race convention during the interview. That’s when Daryle correctly points out HE’S the source of confirmation. THAT’S the problem. That’s the issue here. See when people get called out on the truth, most say, “Oh yeah, he did do that, but it’s a free country right?”.

I wouldn’t agree with him, but I’d respect that. It’s honest…

I don’t know if Andrew is a racist, but he is attempting to subvert it, that’s the issue here. In other words, if he hired a kid knowing this past, why is he intentionally attempting to hide it?

Be well!


That’s not even close to a correct assessment of what happened or who James O’Keefe is. What Daryle wrote, and what Blumenthal used as his source materials, were in fact lies.

The event was a debate on race relations, it had a conservative African American [Martin] on the panel. O’Keefe even supported Martin, in public after the event.

What O’Keefe did in exposing ACORN, and previously PP, should have opened many people’s eyes to the fact that these organizations leech off of the Black community. One might even equate those types of organizations as modern day plantation owners.

What Daryle’s problem is, is that he can only see things though the prism of race, this is why I called him a racialist. He starts from the position that whites are racists, and works from that premise to prove it as true. You can’t do that and objectively work on race relations.

I hate what the Democratic Party has done to the Black community and I hate that the Black community has yet to see the damage done to them by the Democratic Party. That said, I would like to make a distinction between the Democratic Party and those who are Democratic voters. The voters are fine people for the most part, but the party is rife with racialism.

I appreciate your email.


James O’Keefe denied nothing from Blumenthal’s article. Nothing.

“We can say for certain that James O’Keefe was at the 2006 meeting with Jared Taylor. He has absolutely no way of denying that,” Jenkins(the guy you met) said. O’Keefe’s attorney did not respond to a request for comment on his client’s role in the conference.

Andrew didn’t go after Jenkins, he went after the reporter Max. Why?

The original speaker alongside racist Jared Taylor & homophobic white-grievance guy John Derbyshire was racist Steve Sailor

When Marcus Epstein(political friend who shares the exact same views as O’Keefe) realized this, he changed the venue & swapped out Sailor to “color it up” in order to use the “how could it be racist if we have a black person there?” excuse. It’s almost sadly evil. Kevin Martin is a member of Project 21, a group of only black conservatives paid $ to give the GOP message to the media. Think “Token” from South Park if you will. Staunch conservative David Almasi created & runs it showing “good responsible blacks” to media, as opposed to the “Jessie Jackson types”. It’s an image game. I hate the whole guilt by association thing. Don’t buy it, never did. You’re not responsible for the actions of others. Flat out. But the issue here is are you coming in contact with other people briefly while holding differing views, or did you align yourself with other people b/c you share the same political views? It looks like the later for James. Note who is in this clip with James. The guy at the door is Marcus Epstein:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4hrnbhIHDY [note, I don’t see anything racist there]

Not to defend Daryle here, but did he call anyone else at this conference “racist”? No, as you both said. Why did he call Andrew it? Because Andrew is intentionally lying/subverting the facts about James past that he knows are true. The next logical question is why? I don’t know, you’d have to pull Andrew aside, grab a beer, and ask him. However, did you hear the tone in Andrew towards Daryle? He sang “You loooooooooooooooose” in such a creepy hateful tone. It gave me chills.

I think the Democratic party wants to understand the black community better to serve it, but they don’t always do that correctly. I’m not big fan of older Democrats like Dodd, Bacus, etc. They’re too old to govern effectively b/c they owe to many people too many favors & screw us the little people in order to pay those favors off. They corporatists. Sorry for the soap box…

I appreciate & respect your response Aaron. Be well my friend!


I am sorry to say this to you, but you have to believe in quite the conspiracy to believe what you are saying. Assuming this was a white supremacist event as you and Daryle claim, it is hard to believe that the venue didn’t know what the event they were hosting was. So then I must assume that either they are also racist, or they were lied to.

That’s two assumptions right off the bat that are fairly specious, but let’s go on just for posterity’s sake.

Next you want me to believe that a white supremacist suddenly realized his whole panel was white supremacist at a white supremacist conference and decided he needed an “Token”, as you put it, “to color it up”, again as you put it. We are crawling far down the rabbit hole here, no?

I assume next I will have to choose between the red and blue pill.

And here it is. Next you want me to believe that there is a secret organization of conservative Blacks who cater to white supremacist to provide cover for them. Really? REALLY??

I truly hope that you don’t devolve further down into the rabbit hole. This path you are on will only leave you paranoid and broken. The idea that there is a racist behind every corner and under every bed, which seems to be the premise of Daryle and his organization, is McCarthy-esque and will set back race relations even farther than the re-segregation of the military by Woodrow Wilson.


Um, no. I based mine views on simple facts:

“According to Epstein, LI did not fund the event — the only outside group to aid with Taft Club events was the American Cause, where Epstein worked from 2006 through 2009. The event was originally scheduled to take place inside of the Leadership Institute, but was moved across the street after police — who, said Epstein, had been monitoring the One Peoples Project investigative reports on the event — warned LI to expect protesters. Epstein paid $250 of his own money to rent a new room, and offered to pay the travel expenses of the speakers: Jared Taylor, John Derbyshire and Kevin Martin. Derbyshire, who was coming from New York, declined Epsteins offer. (Derbyshire, who is or was a member of a controversial listserv on human biodiversity, appeared at another Taft Club event in 2007.) Apart from that, Epstein paid for pizza by passing a hat around. The literature table that has attracted so much attention was not, he said, set up by the Taft Club. Much of the 40-odd member audience was composed of LI interns and staffers whod heard about the event at work.”

Don’t take my words for it, look at exactly what they wanted to discuss at the event:

“What: Race and Conservatism

There are few topics more sensitive than race, and conservatives have often shied away from discussing it directly. After Trent Lotts praise of Strom Thurmonds presidential run, a number of commentators implied that the GOP and conservatives have consistently winked and nodded at racists with code words and Willie Hortons. Race is clearly below the surface on a number of issues important to conservatives such as crime, busing, affirmative action, and immigration. How should these topics be dealt with? Should race and racial differences (if they exist) be a consideration in forming policies and arguments on these subjects? Should the GOP (and conservatives in general) appeal to hispanics, African Americans, and other minority groups? If so, how? To help answer these difficult questions are:

Jared Taylor: Mr. Taylor is president of the New Century Foundation and the editor of American Renaissance, a monthly newsletter described as a literate, undeceived journal of race, immigration and the decline of civility. He is the author of the books Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America and Shadows of the Rising Sun: A Critical View of the Japanese Miracle and the editor of The Real American Dilemma: Race, Immigration, and the Future of America.

John Derbyshire: Mr. Derbyshire is a contributing editor to National Review,. He is the author of a variety of books on numerous topics such as Prime Obsession, Seeing Calvin Coolidge in a Dream, and Unknown Quantity.

Kevin Martin: Mr. Martin is an environmental contractor and a member of Project 21, a an initiative of The National Center for Public Policy Research to promote the views of African-Americans whose entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to family and commitment to individual responsibility has not traditionally been echoed by the nations civil rights establishment.


I suggest you look deeply at this, the people involved, & take a breath. Be well!


So conservatives who talk about race relations are racists. Got it.

Please don’t email here anymore. You obviously are also a racialist who uses innuendo to tar people as racist. Maybe I will be next.


P.S. Tell Daryle I said hi.

There was a bit more, but it had become an attempt at teaching a pig to fly. Oh well.

Aaron B. Gardner