My Response to Joseph Farrah

This weekend, at the National Tea Party Convention, Joseph Farrah addressed the crowd and claimed that the search for Bambi’s birth certificate is a valid arm of conservative activism. Below is my response.

While the constitutional issue is there still and could still be tested, the truth of it is … it doesn’t matter electorally. The voters don’t give a whit about that, they just want to take out some justice in the voting booth. We have to beat the left on issues not technicalities and until we beat them on issues they will control the dialog. The people are awake and the crapweasels in Washington are about to get the rug pulled out from underneath them. I believe that it’s going to be a tsunami not a wave.

All we need is for them to do…no no…try a few more things, and we will take back the House for sure and have an actual chance at the Senate. If not, at least a lot of good new conservatives, of varying degrees, in the Senate. Such as, Toomey, DeVore, Rubio, Williams, and possibly some outside chances like Rand Paul and JD Hayworth [I know Becker, I am positing a best case scenario, don’t rain on my parade right now 😉 ]. Obama triangulated himself into a tight corner and now he has no options, at least no options that won’t expose him as a socialist-style dictator, lacking the skill of Il Duce and the commitment of Stalin of course.

Where can he go? Cap and trade? What you haven’t heard of the latest out of the IPCC? Yeah it’s a fraud. Card Check? Yeah, cause everybody wants to be GM…FRACKING GM!!!!. Stimulus part?? aka Jobs bill? We haven’t even spent half of the first jobs..errr..stimulus bill…nor have we spent all of TARP for that matter. Just what exactly are you saving that money for Bambi??? Spread the wealth why doncha? You commie! Education? Fist you! [expletive deleted]. I would no more give you my child than I would give you my money, and I don’t really give a whit about money.

Oh, well maybe if a couple judges step down and Bambi makes appointments and the abortion issue comes up, you know most people are pro-choice?? Wrong, most people, as shown in the 09 Gallup poll, are pro-life which, in its essence is a much more definitive designation than it’s nebulous nemesis pro-choice. With those “generic” terms, in which pro-choice would have the advantage specifically because of it vague nature, pro-life still won by majority 51% to 42% for all polled and 70% to 26% in the Republican Party. As well a plurality of women and a clear majority of men who identify as pro-life.

National Security…uh…he just hired Google to do surveillance. This alienates just about everyone, except Google I guess. The undie bomber, civilian trials, Miranda rights for dang near all terrorists captured, sorry but Bambi’s credibility has just about run out here as well.

So there it is, Social, Economic, and National Security…a solid B+. Well at least for an affirmative action Nobel laureate who went to Harvard and can’t prove he ever wrote a single article in the Harvard Review. Or were they all written in Farsi…I keed I keed. Face it…Bambi’s up the creek without a paddle and the poor kid don’t know how to swim, which is odd for a guy who grew up on an island…hey, that works emotionally too…Awesome. Yeah I don’t like Bambi.

Moving on…

2010 Is going to go down in history. Obama was correct when he said that the 2010 elections aren’t going to be like the ’94 midterms. He was even correct as to why … they got him. But what he didn’t realize is that he is a negative electorally. This, despite his personal draw, which he only gets from the American Idol style popularity polls that the Progressives always claim prove his mandate. That man is a fraud and the people, even the dumb ones, can feel the mugging taking place. They can feel the absolute petulance, as Rush has noted, in every word he uh uh utters. The people will not suffer long the insults hurled by this man and his court of weasels, both political and personal.

Every day I go down to the deli that I live above (mind you I live in VT on the east border…near Dartmouth), I order my food and chat with the owner and the customers. All of them are Democrats. Over the course of the last year I have one converted, two possibly on the fence, and one new comer who read Kirks 10 Principles on my suggestion and recently admitted that she is actually moving towards my side. This is the activism Farrah and his birfer acolytes should be focused on, and this can absolutely be done. But it does require sacrifice. You have to shed your fear and talk about politics in public; you have to find a way to engage off-line.

For some, that will be the precinct committeeman, for others it will be interning or volunteering on a campaign to stuff envelopes or make calls, but for everyone…you must do something off-line to make this happen. As bloggers this should be considered an opportunity to be a part of paradigm shift that is occurring between the old “MSM” and the new media.

So to Joseph Farrah and those tilting at the birfer windmill, I say quit. No one who matters cares about this issues. This is a great time to be a conservative activist, let’s make it count.

Aaron B. Gardner

P.S. As Toby aptly points outs, Farrah is also playing right into the hands of the Dead Stream Media with these antics.