DOOM WATCH - 'It’s a Brown-out'

Those were the words of the director of Suffolk’s Political Research Center, David Paleologos. In a new local poll in Boston, Scott Brown is now leading 50% to 46%*.

What we are witnessing here it the transformation of a state from solid blue to purple**. The numbers in the Herald article are stunning. Scott Brown has captivated the people of Massachusetts with his “happy warrior” style of campaigning, and his common man approach to people. Throughout the campaign he has stayed on point and on the issues. And he truly understands that he is applying for “the Peoples Seat“. All of these actions are beginning to pay off beyond many of our imaginations. Follow me as we walk through this meadow of awesome.

First, we have the independent voter…

Paleologos said bellweather models show high numbers of independent voters turning out on election day, which benefits Brown, who has 65 percent of that bloc compared to Coakley’s 30 percent. Kennedy earns just 3 percent of the independent vote, and 1 percent are undecided.

I will make this simple for the mathematically challenged out there, that’s just over two to one in favor of Scott Brown.

Moving on..

Yet even in the bluest state, it appears Kennedy’s quest for universal health care has fallen out of favor, with 51 percent of voters saying they oppose the “national near-universal health-care package” and 61 percent saying they believe the government cannot afford to pay for it.

It’s no wonder Obama has no intention of going to Massachusetts to campaign for Coakley, he knows he and his health care deform are politically toxic. But he can’t escape the blame he share. No, not to worry my babies, to paraphrase Dennis Miller, we already knew that the people reject Obama and his faux reform, now we know that he does too. Thanks for that Barry.

Now, some may say that this is just one poll, an out lier, nothing to hang your hat on. Well, those people do have a point, but this poll has a lot of good going for it in this group of snippets below.

The poll, conducted Monday through Wednesday, surveyed 500 registered likely voters who knew the date of Tuesday’s election. It shows Brown leading all regions of the state except Suffolk County.


and with 99 percent having made up their minds, voters may be hard to persuade.
Brown’s popularity is solid. He enjoys a 57 percent favorability rating compared to just 19 percent unfavorable. Coakley’s favorability is 49 percent; her unfavorability, 41 percent.


No longer does Brown suffer from a name-recognition problem, with 95 percent of voters having heard of him statewide.


I will leave you with the words of 7News Political Editor Andy Hiller…

Voters obviously think Brown is running a better campaign than Coakley. For months, it has been Coakley’s race to lose, and now in the last days that’s exactly what she may be doing.

Oh, and….Scott Brown.

Aaron B. Gardner

* For those wondering, and you know who you are, yes Joe Kennedy was in the poll. He drew 3%.

** I will wait for Kerry to be shown the door before I even believe it can be Red.

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