Kulturkampf And The 'Tragic Wrong Turn'

[The] larger point behind the effort to cast opponents of change as fascist: to make change istself the natural order by ridiculing the very notion of a natural order. The underlying dogma … is that social and gender roles are not fixed, that tradition, religion, and natural law have no binding power or authority over the individual’s will to power, and that the day we made the mistake of thinking otherwise was the day we took a tragic Wrong Turn.

In this chapter, Goldberg dives into the culture wars, or kulturkampf, and exposes the leftists as the perpetual aggressors of this lasting and effective war on the natural order. As he goes through and shows the tactics of the early progressives, Nazis, Marxists, and modern Left, it is hard not to conclude that all of these groups are working from the same fascist totalitarian script.

The ultimate goal of the kulturkampf is to replace God with science and science with the State. Judaism, Catholicism, Christianity, these are the roadblocks which stand in the way. The leftists, from the Hitlerian mobs to modern academia, have diligently worked towards disarming these groups within the culture.

To disarm, and thereby make illegitimate those “bitter clingers” of religion, the Nazi Party essentially made a new religion, a “counter-church” as written by an exiled German spy in 1937. This spy went on to explain how this “counter-church” would eventually replace the current.

The counter church was being built like a new railway bridge. When you build a new bridge, you can’t just tear down the old one willy-nilly. Traffic and commerce will be snarled. The public will protest. Instead, you need to slowly but surely replace the bridge over time. Swap out an old bolt for a new one. Quietly switch the ancient beams for fresh ones, and one day you will have a completely different structure and barely anyone will have noticed.

Throughout the differing iterations of the Fascist Church, many things have remained the same, of which is environmentalism and a reliance on moral relativism. These two elements are at the core of the bridge analogy above. The former represents the Creator and the latter represents liberty.

In America, the traditionalists believe our rights come from God and that our liberty conforms with the natural order passed down by the Creator. With the new church and it’s new vision, this idea is distorted. The creation takes the place of the creator, and in doing so relieves creation of the burden of constants. Environmentalism becomes the faith and moral relativism redefines ordered liberty into self indulgent freedom.

Having gone through what it is that the leftists have been busy creating, we can now understand the “Tragic Wrong Turn” they wish to correct and the stupidity inherent in believing they can.

The “Tragic Wrong Turn” is the acceptance that God exists. That’s it.

The left cannot bring itself to accept that we were given utopia and were then exiled from it. They have not only fallen for the great lie, they have made it an article of faith withing their new church.

Ye shall be as gods

Remember this throughout each policy debate, primary election, and general election. It may not seem germane to any given issue or campaign, but it is. Our nation was founded on the belief that our rights come from our Creator, with the absence of this concept, or purposeful redefining of the same, we are left with mere men as the arbiters of our rights. Men who have fallen for the lie that “[We] shall be as gods”.

To do so, would be a Tragic Wrong Turn.

Aaron B. Gardner