A Choice Not An Echo

In my lifetime the greatest electoral achievements made by the Republican party were made possible by offering a choice rather than an echo. The Reagan Revolution and the ’94 Republican take over of the House were both examples of this. Once again in 2010 we will be given the option of offering a choice rather than an echo in Senate and Congressional races around the nation.

With just 55% of conservatives considering themselves Republicans, 73% of Republicans believing our leaders in DC are out of touch with the base, and Tea Party candidates coming out on top of the GOP in a generic three way ballot test, I believe that people are actively looking for that choice and refuse to accept an echo.

In the race to unseat Barbara Boxer from the Senate we have two Republican challengers. One offers a distinct choice and the other offers up an echo. Below are some text and videos on the subject of climate change from Barbara Boxer, Carly Fiorina* and Chuck DeVore. Let’s take a look at these.

First up…Babs

Environmental laws protect public health and preserve natural America for generations to come. A clean and healthy environment goes hand in hand with a strong economy, from California tourism to the creation of “green jobs”.

Next up Carly

We need to talk about climate change and energy policy at the same time. You really can’t solve one without the other … I think we should embrace the opportunities that creation of clean green technology presents, the opportunity to create new jobs…

in conjunction with this video…Anybody else hearing echoes?**

Now let’s look at Chuck [This is an exclusive I obtained from Chuck DeVore] …

There’s no such thing as a state-created ‘green job’ that doesn’t illustrate Bastiat’s broken-window fallacy. Enduring job creation and economic growth are the result of a free market, not government intervention. When you hear a Democrat — or a liberal Republican — talk about environmental regulation resulting in job creation, grab your wallet and start looking at the help-wanted ads. A policy that doesn’t place jobs and economic growth first — not co-equal with environmentalism, but first — is a failure of leadership.

In conjunction with this video…

The choice is clear, as is the echo. 2010 has the potential to be a wave year for Republicans. We have a seven point advantage on the generic ballot***, and a strong batch of conservatives willing to capitalize on that in order to be elected to the Senate.

I stand with Chuck as he offers a choice to the primary voters of California rather than an echo. Where do you stand?

Aaron B. Gardner

Crossposted at my blog.

* Note to NRSC, notice that I made a clickable link to both Republican primary candidates, this despite the fact that I have publicly endorsed Chuck DeVore. Take the hint.

** Carly Fiorina has since jumped on the climategate bandwagon. But let me be clear here, Carly Fiorina has a public record of accepting the false “science” of climate change and policy positions which would lead to more regulations and financial burdens on businesses, especially small businesses. This certainly makes one question what Fiorina really believes and whether her change in stances is nothing more than a simple political calculation rather than a principled stand.

*** This stat changed while I was writing this, the newest Rasmussen generic ballot shows a 4 point advantage to Republicans. The overall point remains true.