'What Sort of Man?'

Today there is a great post up on The Conservatives by our own Brian Faughnan displaying the absolute lack of compassion and downright cruelty of Barack Obama and his Administration.

The process will get more difficult for those who lost loved ones: Mohammed will attack and denigrate the victims. He will express pride in what he has done. Jihadists around the world will pay him tribute. The foreign and domestic press will dissect every step of the process. And in Manhattan, security will mount, and the alert level will rise, and New Yorkers will undoubtedly read that our intelligence agencies are facing more and more credible threats against the City. This will go on for years.

Even if Mohammed is eventually convicted and executed – by no means a slam dunk – could that result possibly be worth the pain?

What sort of man could fail to take into account the pain he is likely to cause for the 9/11 families, and for the people of New York?

Brian goes on to list a few bits of evidence as to what sort of man could do such a thing. Earlier today I came across another article that provided further evidence. While being greeted by our military members on Osan Air Base in South Korea the President quipped:

You guys make a pretty good photo op

This President can’t bring himself to actually perform the duties required of him by being the Commander in Chief and make a decision on troops levels and strategy in Afghanistan. Yet he can find time to bow to foreign leaders and use the troops for self proclaimed props. The level of hubris the President and his Administration have displayed is simply disgusting.

To me the answer to Brian’s question is easy to see. Obama is the sort of man who looks at everyone else as either an obstacle or a pawn. He will attempt to use the pawns to take down the obstacles. The troops aren’t people, they’re tools. The victims of 9/11 aren’t victims, they’re the perpetrators of a great injustice. Obama displays in his character the nonchalant hubris of your average dictator.

It is amazing how far we have traveled in such a short period of time. While I didn’t agree with every decision that was made in the Bush Administration, I could count in President Bush and his Administration to have a proper level of respect for the troops and humility in the offices they held.

Recently, under the cover of secrecy, President Bush went and saw the troops at Ft. Hood. He didn’t bring an entourage or a fawning press corps. He brought his wife and his deep seated respect for our military.

Aaron B. Gardner

P.S. Yeah, I miss him too.