Know Your Emission Recognition

Our planet has contracted a virus worse than H1N1, worse than the plague, even worse than Global Warming or the more flexible Climate Change. Our planet has contracted a bad case of stupidity, and it’s going to get us all killed*.

For years we have heard that Global warming is going to drown us all as the glaciers melt and the seas rise. For years we have been told that we are the problem. We have been told that CO2 emissions are the culprit. Our cars are too big, they put out too much CO2. They are killing the planet.


Well the IPCC and Owl Gore would love us to believe that. Thing is…it just ain’t true.

The hockey stick graph has been debunked, 10-12 years of Global temperature drops have proven it to be a false prediction. The computer models have failed.

The revelation of these facts will not deter those who are committed to the Church of Climate Change. No. The true believers are gathering, as we speak, to perform a concert for Climate Change.

55 Superstars, entourage in tow, plan to sing in order to stop Climate Change.

So, let me get this straight. In order to “save the planet” these idiots want to have approx 51000** people travel on private jets, commercial flights, cars, buses and many other modes of CO2 spewing transportation in order to watch 55 bands spew even more CO2 from their mouths while listening to songs not seen on the top 40 since Global Cooling was a big deal.

Let me be the first to say….GREEN FAIL

Aaron B. Gardner

Crossposted at my blog.

* Maybe it won’t kill us, but stupidity certainly isn’t going to help us.

** Here is how I got to 51000
55*4=220 Full Band
55*10=550 Roadies for Band.
50000 fans in attendance est.
100 promoters est.
50 vendors est.
60 private jets est.