A continuing discussion with Chris Roy, Candidate for Vermont Sect. of State

From the diaries by Erick

I recently posted an article introducing Chris Roy for VT Sect. of State in which he described his political philosophy. In today’s article Chris was kind enough to share his thoughts on a couple of the issues facing Vermont, elections oversight and the economy.

With ACORN’s recent electoral notoriety, the criminal indictments which have followed and the probability that ACORN will be running the census, election oversight is and will be a matter of considerable import. As well, the teetering economy is on the forefront of many American’s minds. For Vermont the Sect. of State can have a considerable impact on both.

The Vermont Secretary of State is responsible for a variety of functions geared toward advancing the cause of good and transparent government. These responsibilities range from overseeing campaigns and elections, to regulating 44 different professions, to working with Vermont’s local governments to ensure compliance with the law. They also include oversight of the business registration process, maintenance of public archives, and advocacy on behalf of Vermont’s open government laws.

From elections to business registrations

Vermont’s small size and community-oriented culture has resulted, over the years, in a remarkably transparent and honest election and campaign process. Vermont’s small size, however, has rendered it particularly vulnerable to meddling by outside advocacy groups and financial interests. For instance, there was a massive influx of out-of-state dollars directed toward the passage of a same-sex marriage law this last legislative session. With a relatively small investment, out-of-state forces can use Vermont as a Petri dish for various social experiments.

Therefore, maintaining the integrity of campaigns and elections will be one of my top priorities as Secretary of State. Instead of focusing on unnecessary proposals such as same-day voter registration and instant runoff voting – which are rife with the potential for voter fraud and designed to expand the influence of political “progressives” – Vermont’s focus should be to ensure that only those who are rightfully entitled to vote are granted that privilege on Election Day. For instance, last Fall, Vermont was found in violation of reporting requirements regarding the timely provision of absentee ballots to our servicemen and servicewomen overseas. We must remedy those shortcomings and safeguard election integrity before considering other election options.

We all remember 2008, we remember the games played with the Military Absentee ballots. Chris is wholly correct in saying that those shortcomings must be remedied and personally I believe we are running out of time.

Now in elections it’s not just the voter and their rights that we strive to protect. We also strive to ensure the integrity of the Candidates and their contributions.

In addition, transparency and accessibility in Vermont’s campaign finance disclosures is currently inadequate. In the past, the Legislature’s focus has been on imposing unrealistically low contribution limits – an approach that was stricken down by the U.S. Supreme Court. Instead of creating limits designed to protect incumbents, the source of contributions to candidates and causes in Vermont should be completely transparent and easy to discern. Genuine transparency cures virtually all campaign ills.

Indeed sunshine is the best disinfectant.

Chris Roy also has the private sector experience to handle the business and professional regulatory functions of the Sect. of State. He graduated from Cornell Law* and for two decades he has represented both business and individuals. With that experience Chris has gained a keen insight of regulatory burden’s which have helped to drive the private sector and by extension the States youth, out of Vermont.

The business and professional regulatory functions of the Secretary of State’s Office must also be realigned with the overarching goal of facilitating private, lawful entrepreneurship and economic vitality. Vermont’s economy is in a shambles, and the aging demographics of our state require meaningful reforms to ensure that state government works for its citizens, not the other way around. Otherwise, Vermont will suffer the same fate as California in a few short years.

I approach these challenges from a private sector perspective, not as a career bureaucrat. My governing principles are conservative in nature, and are tempered with realism and a pragmatic approach to good faith problem-solving. In the end, however, my Vermont roots and common sense approach to addressing the multiple challenges facing the Green Mountain State during these challenging times will allow me to succeed as Secretary of State.

[emphasis added]

So here Chris and I sit, behind the Green Curtain in the the Socialist paradise of Vermont. No Jobs. No Electricity. Fleeing Youth. Bad Roads. The Highest Taxes in the Nation. In 2010 the people of Vermont will have an opportunity to elect a Sect. of State who realizes where we are as a State and is willing to do the hard work to change our current course.

If you have the means and the desire to help out a conservative in exile, I humbly request you donate to Chris Roy for Sect. of State for Vermont.**

I am in contact with Chris Roy and plan to work for his campaign in any capacity he needs me.  If you have any question for Chris feel free to drop them in the comments and I will try to get them answered in future articles.

* Yes the real Cornell…not the cow college that Keith Olbermann attended.

** Remember We Are the Calvary!!