Rank Liberal Hypocrisy. NY State Edition.

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(h/t to Elizabeth Benjamin, NT Daily News, via Drudge.)

Do you remember when SNL did a skit making fun of Gov. Patterson

Original SNL Skit

And then I assume you remember his response to SNL seen here and here in the NYT’s.

Honestly, I can see how he could see it as not personally funny..the man is blind and has had to live with that disability. Life can be hard. What I don’t agree with is saying that SNL went over the line. My understanding is that there is no line*. And the Gov. even said he could take a joke.

Fast foward a few months to a group concerned about the good Governor’s healthcare cuts making their voice heard**…

Why Are You Doing This? from Elizabeth Benjamin on Vimeo.

This sounds like people of the State of NY lobbying for what they want…democracy right..

Gov. Patterson seems to think that in his little fiefdom the citizens are just a bit too dependent on him..and for that, they deserve his derision…

Paterson’s LCA Response from Elizabeth Benjamin on Vimeo.

So clearly being wheelchair bound is grade “A” material for a comedy sketch in which the Gov. mocks his political opponents, also known as the voters of NY State, but mocking Gov. Patterson for his disablility is a “no-no”.

This is just one more example of rank liberal hypocrisy. Stand against them on principle and they will mock you in the public square. Protest for smaller government and smaller budgets and you are deemed a potential terrorist or derided on national T.V. as a “teabagger” by the juvenile minds of the left.

I pray for the day these liberal elitists get the comeuppance.

*Search Sarah Palin and SNL..personally I don’t feel like linking to it.
** Apparently LCA is a Democrat leaning group as well…so this is blue on blue violence.