The best thing we can do to help our neighbors to the south.

In short militarize the border.  


Mexico is in a de facto state of war.  Drug cartels are fighting each other for territory and the government at the same time.  El Presidente Calderon blames America.  El Presidente said somethng to the idea that it is 50% the U.S. demand for drugs and 50% an inflow of weapons coming from the U.S. (sorry didn’t catch the full quote, it was on CNN tonight).  Now, I don’t begrudge El Presidente Calderon, I can see where he is coming from.  His nation is under siege.


Now, I assume the typical leftist reaction would be to ban weapons and legalize pot and give blanket amnesty.  Totally disregarding the other drugs that are being smuggled on the backs of illegal aliens, serfdom for help across,  as they cross the border in such places as Cross Rail Ranch near Douglas, Az, where Roger Barnett, 64, began rounding up illegal immigrants in 1998 and turning them over to the U.S. Border Patrol.

H/T to Stratfor for the map membership required.


Douglas, as you see on the map above, is near the border in Arizona.  It is also in one of the disputed territories right now.  My Mother and Granny (yes I said Granny…in fact she likes to go by Granny Poo..I know weird…but I digress) both live in a little town called Patagonia, which is just north of Nogales, also in the disputed territory.  My mother is a nurse down there, and let me tell you things are happening, the violence is spilling over.


You also see the same stuff going on in El Paso where a 24 year old illegal immigrant killed a man over a suspected drug deal gone wrong.   You also have the case of a human smuggling gone wrong in Laredo, which is in the center of the Gulf Cartel’s territory, and who’s Mexican counterpart is burning.  Stories like the one in Laredo are particularly heinous because I can understand the desire of the young lady who wanted to come to America and be free, although I don’t condone her methods, in part because of tragedies like this.


The point is, if I continued to search, border town after border town, I would see an increase in violence in all of those areas, either on our side of the border or on theirs.   We need to address this, first because it is to our benefit as a nation to have thriving peaceful states as our neighbors.  Second,  because Mexico needs our help and we are capable of providing it.  “The only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”, Burke was right and it is time for us to be a nation of “good men”.


I understand the severity of what we face to our southern border, it is comparative in nature to Iraq just prior to the Awakening and Surge Strategy (yes I capitalized Strategy because it wasn’t *just* more boot on the ground, but again I digress).  Obviously the scale is much different but the underlying nature is still an insurgency in nature, combined with a corrupt and inept police organization.


I also understand the reluctance of both, El Presidente Calderon and the American People, to putting U.S. military forces on Mexican soil.  I assure you this is not what I am suggesting.  Instead, what I am suggesting is cooperation between the Mexican Military, Border enforcement and the U.S. Military, Border Patrol.  In addition to advisors to share the strategic knowledgebase we have acquired with respect to Counter Insurgency Operations.


Our Border Patrol knows, for the most part, the trails that are being used, they just don’t have the man power or the practical experience to deal with an insurgency which is spilling over our border.  Joint operations between the National Guard, Regular Army, Air Force Drone support for intelligence gathering, DEA, ATF and the Border Patrol, would allow us to slow the flow of drugs, weapons and most importantly human smuggling.


This is the conservative approach in my mind.  This will actually improve the lives of not only those that live on the north side of the border, but also allow Presidente Calderon the breathing room that proved to be the salvation of a new fledgling democracy in the heart of Babylon, thus helping to secure for the citizens of Mexico those rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Hapiness, even if not enshrined as such within their Constitution.


I know some lefty is gonna scream about this in one way or another*…but all I have to say to you is that the current situation is not going to improve itself, and this won’t go away be legalizing pot or taking away our weapons or giving amnesty.  Those ways have failed.  Deal. With. It.


* Nancy when did you start channeling dead Iraqi Insurgency leaders?


P.S. Just saw on the Fox News HD Sidebar…”First American tourists in Iraq since 2003″…Hey, President Obama…President Bush and Vice President Cheney told me to tell you….”We Won”.