RedState has made me into a zombie!!!

How’s that for a hook??

In all seriousness, I am born a new here on RedState. You may have noticed a space missing between my names. I had a little trouble with my old account due to the recent change in platform. I couldn’t get any recommends on my account and it was impossible to fix. But, Erick being the merciful leader that he is has allowed me new life.

This is the reason that I have been absent of late in the posting of diaries. No worries though, because I have a few in the works for your reading pleasure.

Now I expect a few of you to raz me a bit about my new found “FNG” status, feel free, just remember I can always refer you back to my history.

Anyhow here’s to a new life on RedState…zombie style!!

H/T to Randy Streu for the Video…I love it!!