Bob Beckel, Useful Idiot.

Bob Beckel is an idiot.

I heard Bob Beck on Fox just a few minutes ago (YouTube embed when available), he says that Republicans got their chance and couldn’t govern and that they cause the economic crisis. Further he says that we must give President Obama a chance, since he has only been President for a month.  Well, I call B.S. on this and I will tell you why.

While it is true that we got our chance to govern and in some ways failed, we were not responsible for this economic crisis, not as a party.  

The Republican Party is against the bailouts, against the original TARP, against stimulus, against high risk loans to individuals who show no means of being capable to make payment, against the tax payer insuring those very same loans once default.  Heck the Democrats have been saying that on the T.V. for year’s right??  I say why fight it, they have painted us as obstructionist, fine they own it.   

The problem with Beckel’s concept of how this happened and who is to blame, is the fact that he lives only in the present, the past is just a waste of time for him.  For the last two years the Federal Government has been, ideologically, under the control of the Democratic Party in both the House and the Senate along with a pre-occupied and marginalized Republican President.   President Bush, for all his greatness as Commander and Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, completely gave up the reigns to domestic policies to the moderates and communist/socialist left.  Due to this we had the first Auto-Bailout, back when approx $30 Billion was still a lot of money. We also saw the first Bank bailout, the TARP, the next mini loan to Auto, Stimulus.  All that equates to a 21.36% drop in the Dow since Election day, with precipitous falls coinciding with the passage of the stimulus and the Treasury Sect. Tim Geithner’s answer deficient presser.

Look here Bob Beckel, you guys have talked down the economy for six years now.  Reap it.

Us conservatives who live within our means will be ok.  We will keep our wits and put communist/socialist leftists and the useful idiots, such as yourself, back in the minor leagues come 2010.  Freedom is incompatible with the ideology of the left.  

I encourage all conservatives to re-read Goldwater’s thoughts on negotiation with communists in The Conscience of Conservative.  The communist only enters negotiation when it is strategically beneficial to them, giving away only what they never really wanted in the first place.  Since they do not negotiate in the sunlight, our goal should be total victory over their ideology.  Part of that is calling out the useful idiots, who repeat the big lie ad infinitum.


Bob Beckel, you’re an idiot, straight from the mold.  This isn’t something you inherited…this is something you created with your rhetoric.  I hope you are happy.