Socialism is like Crack...By the time you realize you are a crackhead...it's too late.

(Crack Dealer)

So I am a crack dealer, and I like you. In fact go ahead and have this rock..for free, really it’s on me. I know you are thinking that this crap could kill you, but it wouldn’t make much sense to have you die. You are a valued customer, so trust me, I would never give you more crack than you could handle. Now you come back when you want some more ok??

(First time user/eventual crackhead)

Wow, this crack makes me feel alive, I feel like I can do anything…Yes.We.Can!!

A few months down the road…

(eventual crackhead)

Man I remember that time I tried crack…I felt so good while I was high…I need more.

(Crack Dealer)

I hear ya…I can hook you up…you know cause I really do like you..this time though I have to charge you…just business, you know.

(eventual crackhead)

Well I really don’t have the cash for that right now…

(Crack Dealer)

That’s ok man, I will let you put it on credit, once you are feeling good again you will be able to pay me back….::evil grin::

(eventual crackhead)

Thanks man….if you every need me for anything you just let me know, I will be your guy.

(Crack Dealer)

Oh I know…::that evil grin again, wierd::

A few years pass by and everybody in town is craked out…the Crack Dealer is the only shmuck in town with any money and also the only guy with crack. There remains a large contingent of people who just never liked crack, but they are continually demonized and blamed for the joblessness and low benefits that the crackheads need to survive.

(Crack Dealer..sensing the chance at complete domination)

Crackheads, there was a time when you had no crack, and I provided it for you. There were days when you needed crack but couldn’t afford your rock, but I had your back. Soon we can achieve our goal, and crack will come out of the water faucets, free to all. But, in order for that to happen you must protect me from the non crackheads amongst us. You must vote for me to be your Crack Dealer forever. You know that they will take your crack away, don’t you. Besides, you owe me. And I will collect what is owed!!

So goes the story in Venezuela. Chaves has been giving them Socialism in peicemeal, single rocks at a time, always sure to avoid overdose. Now he has achieved his next step towards a socialist dictatorship, the end of term limits for all government officials.

As sad as this is for the people of Venezuela, we have our own crack dealer here at home. President Obama and the Democratic party at large will be employing the same strategies in our country that Hugo has employed in Venezuela. The first bit of crack is already out the door, waiting the final signature of President Obama. All on credit. The Fairness Doctrine is next in the hopper of egregious offenses to the Republic. They have given the people socialism as peicemeal, next they will silence the opposition. Then they will come for our weapons. Then they will insist upon chains, for our own safety.

I am not yet a crackhead, nor do I intend to become one. I don’t intend on taking money via the stimulus, other than those things which I cannot deny. I encourage everyone else to deny, as much as possible, the money that may flow your way via the stimulus. Don’t take the crack rocks. Not even the T.V. converter coupons.

We need to wake up before we all wake up with white ashy lips, crack pipe in hand and chains on our ankles.

I hope that some of the Governors of the States would also fight accepting the Stimulus funds.

This may be our last chance to beat back the wrongheaded ideology of socialism.