My contributions to a New CWA

In a 22 months the midterm elections will be upon us.  The way I see it this gives us 18 months to walk the walk before 6 months of intense campaigning begins.  I think we should start floating ideas via our leaders in Congress.  Each idea will invariably fail becuase we simply don’t have the numbers to get them past…but that doesn’t matter right now, as it would have other benefits regardless.   The ideas will get exposure from friendly media, the ideas will show us as more than obstructionists, the ideas will be setting the agenda for 2010 if we are able to capture the majority.  


Now these are just a couple rough ideas that I have, I am sure they can be improved upon.

* I would like to limit the amount of legislation that can come forward in any given year.  This would be a hard limit that could only be bypassed in emergency situations, which would be voted on and would require a 75% majority to justify exceptions to the rule.

* Tax Reform, We must get away from the progressive tax system.  10% across the board, including Corp/Capital Gains/Sales/Payroll (I am not an economist, I will defer to others on the actual rate and whether is should be across the entire spectrum)

* Open all available assets up for energy.  Oil, check..Natural Gas, check…Nuclear, check….Wind, check…Hydro-Electric, check…..all of it.  In coordination with this I would want to see the Dept. of Energy to take a step back and act as a simple mediator for the individual States.  The States should choose which Energy product will best meet their States need and infrastructure.  The Federal Gov’t dictating/mandating what product to use and where will not work.


Anyhow those are my three quick ideas.  Let me see yours.

One last note, no matter what ideas we present it won’t matter unless our leaders on the hill act on them.  If they simple win the majority and then cave….well Obama will be a two term President.  Your choice guys.