Wow.. One year went quick...Happy B-Day to me.

Well, it is my first RedState birthday, and as it seems to be sort of a tradition ’round these parts, I decided to write a diary to celebrate. I came to RedState near the end of the primary flame wars, it was all but decided that McCain would be the nominee and any hope for a TrueConsevative™ entering the White House were pretty low. Despite this, the attitude and spirit of the site was high, everyone was ready to fight for their vision and, in part, the greater vision of the Republican Party. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how deep you dislike of McCain went, we lost the battle for 2008, but as I said this was just a battle, the war rages on.

There are so many people who I would like to thank, if I miss anyone I am truly sorry.  

First and foremost I would like to thank Erick in particular and the Directors in general, I came here from Politico so I fully appreciate the very existence of this site (anyone who was a member of Politico should understand this).  You guy’s have done a great thing for Republicans and Conservatives by allowing us to have a fairly unfiltered voice to some of the top echelons of the Republican Party.  Thank you very much for that.

Next i would like to thank E Pluribus Unum.  Without your diaries on Fred, Kirk, and conservatism in general, I may have never been able to understand and verbalize the very philosophy that I am a part of.  Thank you for the discussions, critiques, and encouragements.  Congratulations on your promotion to the status of FP contributor, it is truly deserved.

Gamecock…well what can I say brotha, you have challenged me in my thoughts and I love you for it.  Your writing style is so very unique.  I am so pleased that you found your way to our party and have taken up the banner of Reagan.  You unapologetically defend and promote the ideas that make our country great, I thank you for that.

Achance, thanks for trying to impart some knowledge to me, especially on the nuts and bolts.  Your experience invaluable and I hope to continue learning from you.  Although we may disagree on Gov. Palin on some points I appreciate you being frank and honest about what you know as fact and what you expect due to circumstance, that delineation shows character that many who dislike Gov. Palin simply lack.

Mbecker and Moe Lane thanks for the lessons in sarcasm (really that a compliment…;^)).  The two of you have helped me cut through the BS of trolls like a hot knife through butter…which I can then put on my big bucket of popcorn…;^)

Jaded, you remind me each day what it means to be a patriot.

PaRep…give me your luch money…now!!!

Neil, thanks for keeping the site up and running.

Birdmojo…I know you are still reading so let me just say, send me your email [email protected] …if I am ever in town we will have to close down Jose’s, thanks for all the great conversations.

Speciallist…love the pictures, you make each day speacial!!

Last but not least, AceinTX.  Thanks you so much for all the effort in exposing the fifth colunm within our party.  Never let up.  Conservatism will rise again and those b4stards will rue the day!!!

Ok I know that I have forgotten a buch of others who I should thank, but I have a 9 month old and haven’t slept through the night since her birth…so I apologize if I missed you, trust me though…your are all loved.

So, happy birthday to me….cake is in the kitchen and beer is on the deck, thanks for the education!!