Operation Manchurian Conservative *REDUX*

This was originally posted on RS 2.0…I have updated based upon new details of the Mission…Enjoy…It’s Friday….;^)

“Operation Manchurian Conservative”

John McCain is not what you think. He is not the Liberal in Conservative clothing. Our man John, has been a double agent for quite sometime and his cover has yet to be fully understood. *KEEP READING….TRUST ME….;^)**John did not get shot down by accident. Do you really believe that he just happened to be captured and put in the Hanoi Hilton. No sir, His mission was, from the start, to infiltrate the communist North Vietnamese and gather intel on their coded arguments and communication systems. Upon his return to his homeland he was then “put” in place via the Reagan Revolution, and connections with the Bush CIA. He continued to be with the conservative movement up until the late 90’s when, according to sources who wish to remain anonymous, he sought to implement the second phase of his assignment.

Codenamed “Maverick” the second phase involved splitting with the conservatives in his own party allowing him to gain the trust of the “Useful Idiots” a.k.a. the media. There where times when the strategery seem to be hurting our progress, but “Maverick” is/was an assignment where the end justifies the means.Phase two has always been known to carry the most risk for John. If his cover were to be blown the VRWC has a standing order to destroy all evidence leading back to “Operation Manchurian Conservative”. As phase two is quickly coming to an end we are excited that so far all has gone according to plan.

Phase three of Operation Manchurian Conservative is codenamed “Barracuda”. This phase involves a lower level agent who, until recently was unknown to anyone below the clearance of GL-G20. Sarahcudda is her handle. Sarah has been on assignment in Alaska infiltrating the corruption and taking them out one by one. Her piano wire drips with blood and her skirts smell like Tide. Sarah’s electoral mission purpose is “reconcile” John to his conservatives brother while simultaneously exposing the 4th estate for the Marxist Fascist we have always know them to be.

Phase four is now underway and is codenamed “The Coalition”. Building upon the strategery of Reagan, “Maverick” and “Sarahcudda” will now build the grand coalition that will ensure the “Permanent Majority” first drafted by another agent codenamed “Turd Blossom”. “Turd Blossom” also known as Karl Rove, sacrificed himself in order to infiltrate the media and lead them around by the nose. He will be rewarded highly. As “The Coalition” is built we must be watchful for the werewolf’s (h/t to Tim) who will undoubtedly fold in with the new comers to the coalition. There are already some within our midst but do not worry. We already have their names.

Hopefully in Jan 09 we will see the fruits of this almost fifty year operation. Upon inauguration John has his orders to shed his cover and expose to all of those “outside the know” just how conservative he really is. Sarah will receive a special accommodation for the trials and tribulations set at the foot of her family. Reagan will be proud and Mark Levin will finally be allowed to come out of his bunker “hidden under the brick and steel of a nondescript building” a.k.a. the N.S.A.. We also would like to apologize to Scooter for having to be involved in a “False Flag” operation. That damn Valerie Plame almost blew the whole deal. If you got confused as to whether I am reporting this or am directly involved in this, I have completed my portion of “Operation Manchurian Conservative” with complete success. Thank you for your time and LONG LIVE THE VRWC!!!