Former Rep Joel Hefley to endorse Jeff Crank.

In the upcoming congressional primary for CO 5th CD, Rep. Joel Hefley(ret.) has endorsed Jeff Crank over the incumbent Rep. Doug Lamborn. Crank was a former Administrative Director effectively running Rep. Hefley’s Washington Office.

Rep. Hefley wrote an opinion piece in the Gazette on Friday detailing his relationship and endorsement of Jeff Crank. Below are some of the highlights:

The eight years he spent in my offce bore out my initial impressions: he was smart, persuasive, bold, principled and energetic. In short, Crank proved to be that rare man capable of changing Washington for the better.

But just as importantly, he possesses the strength of character that will allow him to stand up to party bosses when they’re not acting like real conservatives – the strength of character capable of shaking up Washington from the inside.

Crank is the only candidate to sign a pledge placing a self-imposed moratorium on earmarks, and he’s also promised never to exploit the congressional franking privilege to send out mass, unsolicited, selfpromoting campaign ads on the taxpayer dime.

Rep. Hefley sums up Jeff Crank in one paragraph:

The 5th Congressional District is one of the most conservative in the country, and its congressman should be one of the country’s most notable conservatives. I have known Jeff all his adult life, and in my heart of hearts I know, and have always known, that he will rise to the occasion.

Hopefully the good people of CO 5th CD will make the right choice and add one more TrueConservative™ to the ranks of Congress.

Aaron B. Gardner