Some interesting pictures...

This last weekend I went to the car was to get my Jeep all cleaned up. While I was in the lobby waiting for my vehicle I perused the greeting cards they had for sale. Most of them were the regular old cards and silly jokes…but then to my surprise I saw these:

That one was pretty good but then this one is really something..

Hah…barely lasted 3 rounds with Hillary…Rocky you are not!!

Then after the weekend I came back to work and found this lovely picture gracing the halls of my work place.

Now I will not tell you the name of the company where I work but I will tell you that it is a major computer company that you all know, and it’s name I believe is indeed on the picture if you look hard.

Now I don’t have any problem with homosexuals, but is their sexuality special in the sense that it should be promoted in the work place. Why is it that we are promoting sexuality in the workplace at all?

Now grab a beer and have a blast saying good by to RedState2 and hello to RS3.0!!!

Aaron B. Gardner