Dear Moderate Losers (Bush Sr., Dole, McCain)--You're NOT helping Romney

Today, Senator Dole launched a scathing attack on Newt Gingrich and expressed support for Governor Romney.

By my count, that means that all three of the GOP losers in my lifetime (who are still alive) have endorsed Romney.  All three of them lost in the general election after a primary in which their principal opponent(s) ran to their right.  McCain beat Huckabee and Romney; Dole beat Buchanan and Forbes, and Bush Sr. (in 1992) beat Buchanan.  Conversely, every winning GOP candidate in my lifetime won in the general after a primary in which their principal opponent was apparently less conservative: Bush beat McCain in 2000; Bush Sr. beat “Senator Straddle”; and Reagan beat “Voodoo Economics” Bush Sr.

THe Bush Sr.-Dole-McCain endorsements of Romney don’t help Romney.  And I say this as someone who favors Romney over Gingrich (but Santorum over either).  Knock if off, moderate losers–you’re NOT helping!