Will Mitt Romney fail to match his 2008 performance in NH, as in IA?

This morning’s Suffolk Tracking poll suggest that Governor Romney will win the NH primary (duh), but may also fail to match his 2008  numbers, just as he did in Iowa.

In 2008, Romney received 25.2% of the vote in the Iowa caucus while coming in second, this year he received 24.6% while coming in first.

In 2008, Romney received 31.5% of the vote in the New Hampshire primary while coming in second, this he will almost certainly come in first, but will he receive at least 31.5% of the vote?  The new poll out this morning (taken Saturday and Sunday), shows that Romney has consistently lost support over the past four days, and the two-day average is now at 33%, suggesting that his numbers yesterday may have been near 31%.