When will Erick Erickson offer a definition of "statist" or "big government"?

He has made it his passion in the past week to use his significant bullhorn to attack Rick Santorum on this basis.  This morning he has decided that enough people haven’t heard it, so he repeats it, even (accidentally–3 times?) on the frontpage.

When he accuses him of the charge, and those who defend him of disingenousness, he has conspicuously failed to offer anything like a working definition of “statist” or “big government.”  Such a definition would at least allow us to confirm or deny his accusation.  You have to give us enough information to have that ingenuity by which we can be disingenuous.

And by the way, your efforts right now seem perfectly calibrated to ensure that Romney wins his third straight primary/caucus in South Carolina.   If so, then just say ROMNEY 2012! and be done with it.