"People who get on the Cain train don't leave." Ummm, I just did.

Herman Cain, the affable, friendly, smart guy once said of his presidential campaign, “People who get on the Cain train don’t leave.”

I speak solely for myself, but I just got off.  His non-answers to the criticism of his 9-9-9 plan (much of which I like) and his non-explanation of his various and sundry pro-choice-sounding answers on abortion, were just too much.

And I’m depressed (uncharacteristically for me).

No, I’m not shilling for any of his rivals.   Before Cain, I flirted with Pawlenty, Bachmann, and Perry.  But for reasons that many, many have stated here, each of them are DEEPLY flawed candidates, insofar as I am hoping for a solid conservative who will win the general election and whose presidency will foster conservative solutions to our grave national crisis or crises.

Sure, any of them would be less bad than Obama, but each of them will, I believe less successful candidates and/or Presidents than President Bush, Jr., and even President Bush, Sr.  If they are elected (which I increasingly doubt,) it will be four years of the 1990 Bush (Souter, tax increase deal, etc.) or 1975 Ford.

I’m not expecting a Reagan, but maybe someone marginally more conservative, and more effectively conservative, than the Bush dynasty.

I pray strongly that one of these candidates will spend the next two months changing my mind.  But at this point, I may sit out the primaries.  But yes, I’ll vote in the general election and be not-too-happy if the GOP candidate wins, and not-terribly-sad if Obama wins.