Support Joe Dioguardi--a conservative who could actually win in--yes--New York.

I was delighted to see this morning that former Congressman Joe Dioguardi is now within a few points of Kirsten Gillibrand in the special-election Senate race in New York.


(Please note that the lousy poll from Siena is of registered, not likely voters).

He is a solid fiscal conservative.  He is a CPA and has for decades been sounding the alarm that Congress has been fiscally reckless.

He is a solid social conservative–he was pro-life in the mid-80s (when that’s what GOP candidates did), and he remained pro-life in the late 80s and early 90s even when it wasn’t cool among New York Republicans.  (Remember when Susan Molinari was supposedly the model of the future of the GOP–even nationally?)

His consistency on this issue should be of interest to fiscal conservatives as well.  He has proven that he will stick with his principles in bad times as well as good.  Don’t expect him to get squishy.

I know because I am a refugee from New York–and did some campaign work for him during one of his unsuccessful races.  He has always been a solid guy.  And he would be the most conservative statewide office holder in New York since–well, I don’t know–sometime before Nelson Rockerfeller was born.

He’s at a major funding disadvantage.  So please support him with your voice, your money, and your vote.