PLEASE take action on this--calling all Delaware Republicans

Even after defeat of “their” candidates in the House and Senate primaries, the Republican Party of Delaware remains the public enemy of the very candidates chosen by Republican voters.

In particular,

(1) The State Party retains the pre-election contents of its website–a website that seems dedicated to slamming O’Donnell and celebrating Castle.  http://www.delawaregop.com/Default.aspx;

(2) The State Party keeps a link to the “realchristine.com” website.  http://www.delawaregop.com/NewsBack.aspx?guid=7909a3bc-eeaa-4bb1-8219-af7080f1d44d;

(3) The State Party retains as its chairman Thomas Ross, a man who publicly and repeatedly attacked O’Donnell in a manner that could scarcely be surpassed by an angry anonymous poster at Daily Kos.  Come to think of it, it would not surprise me in the least to learn that he IS an angry anonymous poster at Daily Kos.

The State website must be altered, the “realchristine” website should be donated to the O’Donnell campaign to correct, and Thomas Ross must be fired, come out of the liberal closet, and perhaps begin his “Daily Ross” blog.

Delaware Republican Party
3301 Lancaster Pike, Suite 4B
Wilmington, DE 19805
(302) 668-1954   [email protected]