Time to take "pro-life Democrats" off the endangered species list

Alas, whether because of global warming, the Iraq War, or something else that is George Bush’s fault, a once endangered species is now extinct, or virtually so.  At the very least, there are not breeding pairs left.

I am referring to the species “pro-life Democrat.”

This extinction is not the first to befall the Democratic Party.  As Abraham Lincoln explained 150 years ago, another species of Democrat, if it ever existed, was virtually extinct:

“Allow me to barely whisper my suspicion that there were no such things in Kansas as ‘free state Democrats’—that they were altogether mythical, good only to figure in newspapers and speeches in the free states. If there should prove to be one real living free state Democrat in Kansas, I suggest that it might be well to catch him, and stuff and preserve his skin, as an interesting specimen of that soon to be extinct variety of the genus, Democrat.”