The Counterfeit Moderation of the New Latte Party

So this morning I read that there is an answer to the Tea Party.  The “Coffee Party,” or perhaps more precisely–the “Latte Party.”


Nothing against lattes.  But I strongly suspect that these folks are not sipping on the cheap Joe I’m enjoying right now.

What is most outrageous about these folks, who apparently think that we’re not “taxed enough already,” is their counterfeit moderation.  In contrast to the tea party, with hits “boiling hot anti-tax rhetoric,” the members of the Latte Party “calls for civility, objects to obstructionism and demands that politicians be held accountable to the people who put them in office.”

Oh these oh-so-concerned pacific latte sippers.  Here’s what passes for civility–as reported in the very same article:

One member stated “that America had been lied to about Iraq, that our military uses torture, and when I heard John McCain sing ‘Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.’ ”  Then she went back to sipping her latte, apparently, then took a break to wring her hands about all the anger….  “Why can’t we all just get along?”

If, in fact, our President “lied” or our military actually “tortured” prisoners, then outrage would be appropriate. 

Indeed, if, in fact, people are dropping like flies due to lack of health care, and the only solution is some new massive federal program, then outrage would be appropriate.

But if, indeed, our government’s reckless massive spending represent a grave threat to our national prosperity, and if, in fact, these liberal proposals would not improve health care but would greatly aggravate our national fiscal crisis, then outrage is appropriate.

Can we drop the phoney posture of “moderation.”?

And because, in fact, our government is

But can we drop the counterfeit moderation?