Olympia Snowe and the Mythical "Fiscal Conservative, but Socially Moderate" Republican

For decades now, pro-life and pro-traditional marriage have been identified as the “extreme” element of the GOP, with countless Republican office-holders–and office-seekers–carefully distinguishing themselves a fiscal hawks but “moderate” on questions such as abortion (with “moderate” meaning favoring unlimited open season on the lives of the unborn).  These fiscal hawks have routinely derided pro-life Republicans as divisive, distracting the Party from its so-called core beliefs in limited government.

What seems so striking about such persons–when they hold prominent office–is how frequently their vaunted fiscal conservativism is, well, nothing of the sort.

Exhibit A: Senator Olympia Snowe, a very likeable, pretty, pleasant, intelligent lady from Maine.  In an op-ed in the NY Times, she recently lamented the loss of Arlen Specter (when did we ever have him??).  She quoted approvingly a remark by Ronald Reagan: “We should emphasize the things that unite us and make these the only ‘litmus test’ of what constitutes a Republican: our belief in restraining government spending, pro-growth policies, tax reduction, sound national defense, and maximum individual liberty.”

So by her own admission, the litmus test for a genuine Republican is a belief in “restraining government spending [and] tax reduction.”

By her endorsement of the Baucus bill, she has failed her own test (as have Specter and many other self-proclaimed “moderates”–in many respects).

Let us apply that litmust test vigorously in 2012, and support a GOP challenger to her in 2012.