Open Letter to RNC: Please Stop Sending Deceptive Fundraising Letters

Dear President Steele:

My wife and I frequently give small donations to a number of causes, including to Republican candidates whose principles are consistent with our own.  As a result, our names appear on dozens of mailing lists as potential donors.  We frequently receive copies of mass fundraising letters from various organizations, including the Republican National Committee (“RNC”).

Among the mailings we often receive include various “surveys.”  The surveys are presented in a manner that at least some of its intended recipients are expected to believe that Republican leaders actually review the results of these surveys and take them into consideration in formulating policy strategy.

Today, we received in the mail a letter bearing your signature asking for donations to the RNC.  Enclosed with the letter is a “membership statement,” and the envelope containing these documents is stamped “past due.”

These mailings are misleading, if not deceptive, and I ask that you refrain from such deceptive conduct in the future.

First, unless the results of the “surveys” you send are subject to serious consideration by yourself and other Party leaders, please refrain from suggesting that such consideration occurs.

Second, please refrain from suggesting that anything is “due,” whether past due or otherwise, to ANY recipient of your mailings, unless the recipient truly owes you anything.  Neither my wife nor I have agreed to be a member of the RNC, or in any way incurred any debt to the RNC.

While no doubt your deceptive statements fail to deceive the vast majority of recipients, the effort is insulting to us, and unjust to those who might actually believe that they have received a “past due” bill.

Mr Steele, we are currently in a battle for western civilization–and the success of that fight depends upon the success of the United States, which, I believe, depends upon the success of the Republican Party.  You, and we, have a major responsibility.  We sully our cause by deceptive tactics–especially deception practiced against our friends in this cause.

In short, please review your fundraising activities to ensure your fundraising activities are worthy of the great cause entrusted to the Party.

Yours very truly,

A Texas Republican

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