Nostalgia for 1935, and 1965 (or Liberals Living in the Past That They Destroyed)

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen various commentators of the left and moderate left draw parallels between Obama’s health-care push and the situation of LBJ in 1965 or FDR in the early years of the New Deal.

Doris Kearns Goodwin (whom I like alot) has stated that now is Obama’s “Johnson Moment,” that now is the time “when the president has to take charge, to draw lines, to pressure, to threaten, to cajole, to exert every resource of leadership he has—to put pressure on wavering Democrats to make it clear that losing health care will be a huge blow not only to him but to all Democrats who were brought into office on the promise of big change, and particularly on health care.”  http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2009-07-20/doris-kearns-goodwin-on-obamas-johnson-moment/ 

And Robert Shrum dreams that the Democrats in 2010 will win electoral victories similar to 1934 and 1936–which marked the only time in our history when one party expanded their congressional majorities in a third and fourth straight election.   Push through health care, the economy will recover (and it did, kindof, between 1932 and 1936 (the depression got less bad)), and Americans will rally behind the President.  http://www.theweek.com/bullpen/column/99418/The_GOP_decline_starts_Phase_Two

What these liberals fail to recognize, is that the American of those decades is gone.  Americans have grown fickle in their loyalties, and have lost respect for the presidency and other institutions.  Obama will not enjoy stable, high popularity ratings, as did FDR, Eisenhauer, Kennedy, and LBJ (until 1966).  Why?  Because cultural and political liberalism was wildly successful in undermining popular patience, broad respect for the presidency, etc.

Congratulations, liberals.  You won.  You took down Nixon (in the end, for good reasons), you took down LBJ (for the wrong reasons), you radicalized the universities, you’ve raised a generation of Americans who think the Founders were all racists and that it was greed, and not freedom, that created America’s wealth, you’ve wrecked mainline Protestant and Catholic hierarchies, etc., etc., etc.

After all your success, don’t be surprised that when your “One” climbs to the top of this wobbly heap, that Americans will largely reflexively show respect for him and his policies, simply because he is President, especially when he is so lacking in political integrity, and his policies would be manifestly bad for the country.