Lesson 1 on how to be a loyal opposition:

Al-Quaeda has come out with its racist invective against both our country our President-Elect.

Reponse: President-Elect Obama, please capture or kill these b–rds, and all other terrorist enemies of America, whether those enemies be in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, or even lurking in our own country.

We will be behind you 100%–cheering your successes because you will be OUR president, and they are OUR enemies.

If you should have any failure, we will not delight in it.

If we should disagree with your strategy or tactics, we will say so openly, but with all due respect to your office.

And in all thinkgs, we will always hope and pray for your–and our nation’s–success.

Oh, and by the way, liberals–this is how you show that dissent is patriotic. You don’t do so by suggesting that you hate your president and fellow citizens more than you hate those who have murdered our fellow citizens and would kill millions others if they had the chance.

Oh, and also by the way, libearls, just in case you were wondering, you–and we–really do have enemies abroad. It wasn’t bushitler they hated–they hated you, me, and our country.

Oh, and one more thing–our foreign enemies are YOUR real enemies. Your genuine “enemies” do not include your fellow citizens who have the temerity to disagree with you on socialism, abortion, carbon emissions, etc.