McCain needs to throw a successful Hail Mary--what should he do? (Sorry, Gamecock)

With apologies to Gamecock, with whom I disagree, but no, I think a McCain victory is a longshot. Obama is gonna win by about 5 points. unless stuff happens–or McCain MAKES stuff happen.

McCain needs a Hail Mary. As a Catholic, I don’t object to the term, but only to the degree of desperataion it suggests. Nope, Hail Marys can work.

A few weeks ago, during the financial crisis, I (along with others) suggested McCain throw down the challenge–repudiate the Bush-Democratic bailout, and propose a center-right approach, and appeal directly to the American people. He didn’t do it. At the time, I thought I was just guessing. Now I think I was right.

What should McCain do now? Please share you proposed Hail-Marys.

Here’s two I can think of:

  1. In the debate, begin by noting that Obama has twice made specific public promises in the course of this campaign–re public financing and debates–that he has broken–broken precisely because it was in political interest to do so. Mention that tonight, you’ll hear Obama make a whole bunch of other promises, regarding middle-class tax cuts, winning in Afghanistan, supporting the right to bear arms, etc. What reason do you have to believe that he won’t break any of these promises when it is in his political interest to do so. Hammer, hammer, away at this repeatedly, especially where his promises stand in marked contrast with his record (e.g., taxes, guns).

THEN–toward the end of the debate, say that you want to give Obama a chance to rectify himself, and keep his old promise–challenge him to two townhall debates, with questions chosen AT RANDOM (not filtered by some immoderate moderator).

  1. Campaign, or have Palin campaign, in Hyde Park, Chicago. Chicago’s neighborhood. Make it unannounced, have a small demonstration (to encourage this kind of reaction), and then have McCain OR Palin make a surprise visit. The hatred and intolerance of the tolerant left will be on full display–and say rightly that THIS is Obama’s background. And the media won’t be able to ignore it.