A Senator Gets Skewered

Neil Cavuto, always the smartest guy in the room, interviewed U.S. Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey today.

This is very entertaining. No, really!! It is!!

So here’s the background…

Barack Obama has been talking about his tax rates being lower than those that Ronald Reagan had, but, and here’s the thing, no one really knows which tax rates Obama is talking about. Now, this is not that unusual. People rarely ever know what Obama is talking about. He just goes on and on with nice soothing little sound bites and all the little liberal boys and girls swoon and moan lovingly, “Oh, isn’t he just wonderful,” or some such nonsense and then promptly faint from the sheer joy of hearing his voice.

Cavuto is not one of those people. He doesn’t swoon, nor is he the fainting kind. In this interview today Cavuto was trying to find out, from an Obama surrogate and fellow U.S. Senator, just exactly which rates Obama was talking about.

He didn’t have much luck.

This is not surprising because it becomes abundantly clear as the interview progresses that Menendez hasn’t the foggiest notion of the difference between capital gains taxes and income tax rates.

This is a U.S. Senator.

And we wonder why Congress can’t accomplish anything that actually benefits the American people.

Cynical Optimist