Will The World End on Tuesday Night?

Some are saying the world will end Tuesday night if Obama wins. Others are saying, no, the world won’t end, so you don’t have to worry. The world won’t end Tuesday night, but you do have to worry.

I agree the world won’t end on Tuesday. Probably not Wednesday either, except for a few who get caught in the riots that will erupt regardless of who wins.

As for further down the road though, it’s a more open question. Many people are assuming the normal checks and balances on political power will temper any drastic moves. I don’t agree. The comparisons to Carter and Clinton do not apply.

The world won’t end, but the world as we know it will. It will just take a few years for that to become apparent.

Economically, if Obama wins, the U.S. will, within a short time, no longer be the preemminent economy on the planet. It’s been trending this way for years and Obama will accelerate that. Not intentionally, but because of his ignorance, wrong headed thinking, and the influence of the Marxists/Socialists. His plan to raise taxes combined with rolling back free trade agreements are ala Hoover and we know how that worked out.

Internationally, the bad guys in the world will be celebrating Tuesday night. They know what a weak apologetic little poser he is. His plan to eliminate nuclear weapons is national suicide. Combine that with his plan to scrap missle defense and there is an open invitation to others to launch at will when they have the ability. We won’t be able to respond in kind. Mutually Assured Destruction will become Unilaterally Assured Destruction. His plan to pull out of Iraq regardless of the situation is the national murder of a potentially successful Democracy.

Combine a weak leader with economic chaos and genocide will be the new popular thing. Democracy will be dealt a body blow around the world.

No, the world won’t end Tuesday night, but we will be put on that path.

Will we survive as a nation? Probably.

Worst case scenario is pretty bad. Best case scenario is less bad. We’ll probably end up somewhere in the middle. The American people are easily sold on bad ideas but they are pretty quick to recognise it, and make corrections.

That’s my “Hope.”

Cynical Optimist