Having Fun With The Left Wingnuts

I conducted an experiment on liberal gullibility tonight to see how many Obamabots will click through from left wing(nut) web sites to see a picture of “The Winning Ticket,” based on a truthful statement which is, nevertheless, a lie.

Example: On DailyKos, I leave a comment on a blog post that is anti-McCain saying something like, “Awesome. Maybe they can use this picture of the winning ticket on Nov 5th.”

Then I link this page with this picture.

The Winning Ticket

If you examine that closely you will know there is nothing dishonest about it. It is not a lie. But in the context in which it was said, it is.

And that’s Barack Obama and his stated policies in a nutshell.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


I began this experiment at 8:30pm, posting on two sites. I made four posts on DailyKos and three on the Huffington Post. As of 9:30pm, my page views (as measured by Google) had tripled. I went back to check DailyKos and within this one hour period, my four posts had been deleted.

Then I checked the Huffington Post. Two of the three didn’t make it through the screening process, but one did. Lets just say the libs who saw that one were not amused.

I was though.

Cynical Optimist

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